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Star Fox 2

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Star Fox 2 is the official sequel to Star Fox, previously only available as a unofficial home-brew/bootleg version and later officially as a part of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System: Super NES Classic Edition as a unlockable game. Before these releases it was officially planned to be released in 1995, but was cancelled by Nintendo themselves. In December 2019, the game was officially added as part of the Nintendo Switch online SNES library.

The player can choose from six different team members to play with, the standard four heroes (Fox McCloud, Falco Lombardi, Peppy Hare and Slippy Toad) and two new additional members, which include: Fay (a white dog) and Miyu (a lynx).

The gameplay consists of predefined missions on a linear map, which resembles the Lylat system, where the player must move his two pre-selected ships/team members around to a certain destination to accomplish a task. Upon selecting the task the ships will move towards the goal and and a encounter may ensue whilst underway. When the player encounters enemies on the map, the battle commences and the perspective shifts to a first person shooter and tasks the player to engage in combat with the goal to defeat the enemies. After an encounter has been cleared the map is shown again and the player's ships show them moving towards the active destination once again.

The main objective is to defend and prevent enemy forces of attacking Corneria, preventing its damage level from reaching 100%


  • スターフォックス2 - Japanese spelling
  • ζ˜Ÿι™…η«η‹2 - Simplified Chinese spelling
  • ζ˜Ÿιš›η«η‹2 - Traditional Chinese spelling

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Credits (Nintendo Switch version)

24 People (18 developers, 6 thanks)

Executive Producer
Assistant Director
Assistant Programmer
Program Assist
  • Argonaut Software Ltd
3D System Programmers
Graphic Designer
3D Shape Designer
Sound Programmer
Music Composers
3D Tool Programmer
English Translator
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