Aces of the Pacific

Moby ID: 1419

DOS credits (1992)

87 people (66 professional roles, 21 thanks) with 97 credits.

Documentation Credits

Director of Publications
Supporting Director
Cover Design & Illustration
Illustrations & Maps
Writing and Research

Special Thanks

"The Bob Squad"
Aircraft engine sound research
Technical Advice
  • Grumman Aircraft Corp.
Technical Consultants
Research & Props
Photographs & Artwork

Simulation Credits

Lead Simulation Programmer
Lead Shell Programmer
Lead Designer
Director of Programming
Art Director
Lead 3D Graphic Artist
Original Music Score
Mission Scripts
Director of Image Production
3D Graphic Artist
Audio Director
Sound Effects
Additional Music
Assistant to the Director
Historical Research
Director of Research and Development
Graphic Modules and Devices
3 Space Modules
Sound Modules
Software Technology Engineers
Quality Assurance Manager
Lead Quality Assurance Engineer
Quality Assurance Engineers
Theatrical Coordinator
The Actors
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Credits contributed by Jeanne, Raphael, Patrick Bregger, Shoddyan, Brian Hirt.