Dragon Lord

aka: Dragons Breath
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Play one of the three evil wizards all competing to find the magical talisman. To do so, the player must hatch, raise, breed dragons, and use them to spread terror and power across the land! Use these dragons and spells to conquer or help numerous villages and cities across the land while devastating the other wizards also seeking control of the land.

Dragon Lord introduces different levels of gameplay, which may be categorized as the following:

  • Alchemy

The game introduces a complex process of alchemy. Different ingredients have positive and negative results in combination of different types of Magick equipment used for it. Use alchemy to strengthen (or even weaken) own dragons or use them to cast spells at surrounding villages and cities (as well as some alchemical spells for the player's own benefit). Creating a too powerful spell in the Magick Laboratory may introduce an unpleasant explosion in the lab. Ingredients may be obtained through villager tribute or purchase from traveling merchants.

Note: The game is almost impossible to play without the Alchemical Table of Ingredients.

  • Dragon Breeding

The player may breed several individual dragons in the castle. Each require nurturing and patience before they can hatch and even more so after they hatch! Use alchemy spells to help strengthen the dragon eggs (or they may not hatch at all!).

  • Dragon Missions and Political Map

This feature gives a top-down perspective of the political map around the land. Send dragons to wreck havoc and terror to the surrounding villages and cities, or use them to explore the region and even protect villages and cities from enemy dragons! Attacking villages and cities may prompt them to surrender themselves under the player's control, providing the damage done is sufficient enough. This is also where the player may control the taxation of villages and cities (under player control) as well as any other information regarding them.

  • Dragon Combat!

Though optional, the player may enter manual combat (as to automatic combat) and enter a top-down, side-scrolling (vertical) arcade combat when attacking villages or cities. Here the player basically uses a dragon to burn anything that remotely looks like a structure.

Note: If there is an enemy dragon near the area, the enemy dragon will come to the defense of that village or city!

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Credits (DOS version)

5 People

Original Concept
Music / Sound Programming
Graphics / Artwork
  • Oxford Mobius



Average score: 84% (based on 13 ratings)


Average score: 3.8 out of 5 (based on 21 ratings with 2 reviews)

The best turn-based fantasy game for Amiga!

The Good
Everyone starts on a level playing field. You're a dragon lord with one dragon in a castle surrounded by a bunch of unclaimed towns. With your dragons, you can raise new ones, enhance the ones you have, raid towns to destroy, capture, or send them on missions. With your towns, you can grow your population, enhance them with potions, or cast a plague upon your enemy's towns. The basic gameplay is easy, but if you REALLY study it, you can make some very cool and original things happen in the alchemy lab by learning how to use the chart.

The Bad
Turn-based these days requires patient players. Also, if you're really good at it, you can totally slam other players...which is cool against the computer but not against your friends. If you're going to get the game, you'll need to have the alchemy chart at the very least to play it.

The Bottom Line
A very unique fantasy game that is legendary. It takes tactics, strategy and quite a bit of experimenting.

Amiga · by nullitilium (4) · 2008

Breeding Dragons? What more would you ask for?

The Good
Now this is an old game. Probably the first game of its kind to come up with an interesting approach: Breeding Dragons and trying not to get blown up in the process!

Now how many games do you know that involves breeding dragons? Probably none...there are plenty on raising monsters...but none of them about breeding them before they were born.

It's an interesting approach this game, and probably the only thing that's gotten me mildly interested in chemistry...hahaha. You raise dragons and in the process of breeding, you brew chemicals and ingredients to make you dragon stronger (or dumber), depending on what you put in. You need some extra research of trial and error to find out what's good and bad for your dragon. If you don't have the manual for the game (which describes the effects of the many chemicals you administer), you'd better off not play the game at all, as you can't play it without knowing what an ingredient does to your dragon. If your potions are too unstable: KABOOM. Bye bye laboratory.

And they come up in all different shapes and sizes. It's love at first sight when you successfully hatch your first baby dragon. You'll never forget those horns...

After your first dragon, you can go on the rampage. This game is pure introduces what chaos really means! But, breeding dragons is not cheap. No sir! So what does a physco dragon breeding wizard do to make ends meet?

"Dragon for Hire!"

Oh, yes. Check out the political news at your local newspaper and find out which town is fighting which...and send your dragon a-flying to toast one of those towns. The other (bigger) town will be sooo grateful, they'll send a bundle of money coming your way as tribute. Not satisfied? Find a small town and slaughter the place. Hopefully, they'll see the truth in dragon fire and join your cause, electing you supreme ruler and holder of taxes.

The game is an equal balance between dragon-action and chemistry/magic-action. You send your dragon to set of fireworks, you use your magic to heal him. You send your dragon to conquer a town, you use your magic to increase the growth rate of your new found town.

If you want better results attacking towns, you can go into arcade mode and manually level the place yourself! But remember not to burn everything in sight...you still want to conquer the place, right?

The Bad
You need the manual in this game for chemistry, without it, the game is practically - unplayable.

Most of the time, you have to play your dragons manually. There are some automatic scenes where your dragon attacks a town, but it they really don't do a good job, so you have to "arcade" your dragon along the way.

The interface and color kinda makes you sleepy by the way...zzzzzz

The Bottom Line
Dragons. Gotta love 'em.

DOS · by Indra was here (20767) · 2009



  • ST Format
    • Issue 01/1991 – #8 Best Adventure Game in 1990 (Atari ST)


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