Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Restoration of Erathia

aka: HOMM 3, Heroes 3, Heroes of Might and Magic III: A Restauração de Erathia, HoMM3:RoE
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Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Restoration of Erathia takes place long after the ending of Heroes of Might and Magic II: Price of Loyalty and partially concurrently with Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven. Receiving news of her father's death, Catherine Ironfist, Queen of Enroth, sails for Erathia to attend her father's funeral. Fearing the worst, she assembles a military fleet as her escort. Arriving on the coast of Erathia, Catherine finds an allied wizard's tower, devastated from battle and abandoned. There she learns Erathia is falling to its enemies. Mustering local armies, Catherine marches to Erathia's capitol, restoring lost land along the way.

The Restoration of Erathia retains the bulk of the gameplay from its predecessors, with significant additions and modifications. It features 8 entirely distinct towns with 7 creature levels each, but this time all creature levels (save for neutral-only ones) can be upgraded. Also new are war machines, a total of 122 artifacts, overhauled spell list, new and edited map locations, an alignment mechanic which affects interaction with some of the map locations and spells, and 7 single-player campaigns with a vast set of single scenarios which can be played against the AI or other human players.


  • Герои Меча и Магии III: Возрождение Эрафии - Russian spelling
  • 魔法門英雄無敵3 (主程式) - Traditional Chinese spelling
  • 魔法门之英雄无敌III:埃拉西亚的光复 - Simplified Chinese spelling

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Average score: 87% (based on 39 ratings)


Average score: 4.0 out of 5 (based on 167 ratings with 11 reviews)

A turn-based Strategy game that will fill many of your hours.

The Good
It flows. When playing HoMM3, you don't waste your time on minor things like extensive resource managment or deep experiance calculations, you simply play the game. The interface is clear, straight forward and easy to learn, and I believe it's the most powerful feature of the game.
Other nice additions- Excellent sound in .mp3 mode, so you'll be able to play it even while not playing the game, averge graphic and a good AI, that'll require some time to defeat.

The Bad
The game is almost identical to the other games on the series. The graphics are very similar, and most of the objects weren't changed at all, other than increasing their resolution a bit. Some of the armies are clearly better than the others, and on lower difficulty levels you can easily reach some of their more powerful units on the 1st or 2nd turn.
The campaign is terrible. The story is childish and uninteresting, each of the scenarios is easy and straight forward, and there is no real challange.
The greatest problem of the game is its multiplayer. Since it's a turn based games, you may wait long hours waiting for the other players to play, and for a game which supports up to eight players this can be a long wait... Actually, me and my friends started playing Talisman between our turns.

The Bottom Line
Although the game has many flaws, the single-player (and hotseat for up to three players) is f-u-n, and it's worth buying just for that.

Windows · by El-ad Amir (116) · 2000

Even now a great game.

The Good
When I first saw information about HOMAM3 I was very skeptic. I thought that the second part was so good that nothing could beat it. Now I know that I was wrong. HOMAM3 takes all bugs and mistakes from first and second part and repairs it. It also adds some more features to make gameplay even better.

This game has indeed a very nice gameplay, computer may not be the smartest but we can live with that. Increasing the number of slots for units in hero's screen was a smart move, as the number of units in all castles increased as well. And units often have many unique attributes such as charge or healing. Also spells are better here. Instead of Mass Bless or Mass Curse, the amount of units affected depends on hero's skill, not by the spell itself. Combining with a lot of new spells, we can easily say that magic got stronger here. Castles changes as well. More buildings, more units. And of course more money up to 4000 gold per day for capitol or even 9000 gold for capitol with Grail. The campaign is ok but nothing special here. However the game shows it's level in multiplayer, especially in hot seat option. Playing with your friends sitting in the same room is just great.

The Bad
Multiplayer mode is indeed good. But only in hot seat option. If you want to play with your friends online, you have to have a lot of patience. Players can set a limit of time for every turn but battles are separate things and they can last for hours. Another player of course sits and watches his map getting more and more bored. Also in single player the campaign is not a very challenging one. We rarely see objectives different from "destroy all", "move your hero somewhere" or "get xxxxx gold, monsters, resources". It's a strategy game, not an RPG but still some maps could be a lot better. There are six campaigns, but the real game starts from the one number 4. Numbers 1-3 are so easy that imho they cannot be counted as campaigns.

Computer is not very smart as well. During battles, hostile archers (300 of them) attacked a group of 500 skeletons (slow and weak units) instead of Liches, Dread Knights or Ghost Dragons which could do far more harm.

The Bottom Line
HOMAM3 is definitely worth playing. It's one of those games which will draw player's attention forever. Of course it can bore you as it has some flaws but comparing to all other parts it's surely the best one.

Windows · by Ajan (262) · 2005

This game has taken up many hours of my life.

The Good
The different varieties of monsters, castles, and magic spells. The map editor was one of my favorite parts of the game.

The Bad
The Inferno group only has one shooter. If it had one more it would have been my favorite group.

The Bottom Line
You start with a castle and you build it up. You can buy buildings to create men and then recruit them, and you can build your mage guild (place where you learn your spells). When you have acquired an adequete army you can try to take over the world!

Windows · by Attila (553) · 2004

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Heroes of Might and Magic III made a complete major screw-up in Greek Mythology. This refers particularly to: the Gorgon and the Medusa.

In Heroes, the Gorgon is a fire breathing/death staring Bull from the swamps. In Greek mythology, the only creatures that closely fits this description are the Khalkotauroi. The Khalkotauroi were a pair of fire-breathing bulls forged from bronze by the Smith God Hephaistos as a gift for Aeetes, King of Kolkhis. These bulls were later killed by famous Greek hero Jason, in his quest for the Golden Fleece.

Now the Gorgon in Greek Mythology actually refered to a race known in Heroes as the Medusa. Gorgons are a race of vile creatures that had hair of live snakes, necks covered with scales, they have tusks similiar to of a boar, golden hands and bronze wings. Oh, and they're famous trade mark: anyone looking at them would be turned to stone (due to their extreme ugliness).

Initially there are 3 known Gorgons (other sources say there were more): Stheno, Euryale and their most famous sister: Medusa. Medusa was later killed by the Greek hero - Perseus.

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