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Daytona USA

aka: Daytona USA 2001
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Average score: 79% (based on 25 ratings)

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A good laff when ur with your mates, very unrealistic handling very arcade style (pick up and play) WICKED!

The Good
The main pointer about this game is the graphics. Your like WOW there neat, it runs smooth as k-y jelly on the town slappa too. Even though the cars are very basic, nothing like the detail of msr or vanishing point, they over come the other racing games out there by the class of the damage. Damage you front left too much: your bodywork bites your tyre and slows you down aswell as veering you off to the side. the way your cart crumples make you feel that its more a car your driving then a 3d model. The crashing when bad, smashes the front of your car and emmits black smoke for a few seconds which gives it a real hard core effect...
(oh and the light reflections on your damaged car look pretty cool)

The Bad
The very unrealistic handling - good for arcade and messing around, but if u want a game for constant playing, itll pss you off the way your car has anti-physical properties. Also the Music suks big time which gives you NO feeling of speed at all where the music of something like vanishing point will. The cars sounds are pretty poor because the seen to just not catch your attention of being mean - if u have played the game u will know what i mean.

The Bottom Line*
Even tho i think this game is cool - im sure you will but there are a few flaws which could have boon made a slight bit better, not to make the game the most realistic, but to make it seem as if its a car wizzing around a track instead of an anti graviti lawn mower. if u like hardcore racing, arcade style handling, or a game for pickup and play by yourself or with your mates, then i SERIOUSLY RECOMMEND you buy it. You wont get bored of it for a while - ill gaurantee that!

Dreamcast · by Lee Redfern (21) · 2001

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