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3D Seiddab Attack

aka: Seiddab Attack, Sieddab Attack, War Of The Worlds


The Seiddab (look at it twice and you'll get the joke) are on the rampage on the planet, and you have been sent out to stop them in your trusty tank. With a full 3D view, you must first take them on in the cities, shooting 10 down to face the leading man. A scanner is provided to give you a view of which streets the Seiddab lurk on, allowing you to steer left and right to reach them, as well as adjusting your sights to take them down.

Once cleared, you move onto an open-plan countryside area, with more units coming towards you, and they now drop bombs towards you, putting your 3 lives at a greater premium.

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Behind The Scenes

The game was assembled by hand into hex code, and its original title was War Of the Worlds until Hewson received a phone call from an U.S. lawyer threatening legal action - as Jeff Wayne's War Of The Worlds album had the same name.

The game took 3 months to code, and the only development kit was a Spectrum, a television and a ZX printer. Steve got the idea in a dream. He dreamt he saw the game at a games show. It was the second game in Steve's Seiddab trilogy. The name "Seiddab" was made up by Andrew Hewson's brother Gordon Hewson, who used to act as games producer in the early days of Hewson.

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