Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War

aka: DoW, Warhammer 40,000: Los Albores de la Guerra
Moby ID: 15117

Windows credits (2004)

219 people (199 professional roles, 20 thanks) with 229 credits.

Games Workshop Interactive

GWI Project Manager
GWI Associate Project Manager
  • Nelson
Head of New Business Development
Group Intellectual Properties Manager
Creative Consultant
For Games Workshop Germany
For Games Workshop Italy
For Games Workshop France
For Games Workshop Spain

Blur Studios

Animation Supervisors
FX Supervisor
Animation Technical Director
3D Team
Concept Artists
Matte Painter
Mocap Supervisor
Mocap Director
Mocap Artists
IT Team
Sound Design & Mix
  • Shoreline Studios
Relic Director

THQ International

Director of Localisation
Localisation Engineer
German Translations
Additional Testing
German Voice Production
  • G&G Tonstudios Kaarst
Senior Project Manager Art

Relic Entertainment: Art

Art Director

Relic Entertainment: Animators


Relic Entertainment: Design

Lead Designer

Relic Entertainment: Production


Relic Entertainment: Programming

Lead Engineer

Relic Entertainment: Balance Team

Balance Team

Relic Entertainment: Story/Dialogue


Relic Entertainment: Sound Effects/Speech

Audio Director
Sound Effects/Speech

Relic Entertainment: Music


Relic Entertainment: Administration

Chief Executive Officer
HR Director
Creative Director
General Manager

Relic Entertainment: IT


Voice Acting

Voice Acting

Special Thanks

Special Thanks

THQ Inc.: Product Development

Executive Vice President — Worldwide Studios
Vice President — Production
Vice President — Business Development
Director — Project Management
Manager, Production Services
Creative Manager
Project Manager

THQ Inc.: Quality Assurance

Director, Quality Assurance
Test Supervisor
Test Leads
Operations Manager, Quality Assurance
QA Technicians
Mastering Lab Technicians
Database Applications Engineer
Game Evaluation Team

THQ Inc.: Marketing

Senior Vice President — Worldwide Marketing
Director, Global Brand Management
Global Brand Manager

THQ Inc.: Public Relations

Director, Media Relations
Coordinator, Media Relations

THQ Inc.: Creative Services

Director, Creative Services
Creative Services Manager
Creative Services Coordinator
Video Production Manager
Video Production Coordinator
Online Marketing Manager
Instruction Manual
Packaging Design
  • Creative Domain
Advertising Creative
  • G&M Plumbing
Special thanks to...

Opening Cinematic created by Blur Studios

Opening Cinematic created by
  • Blur Studios

Blur Creative Team

Creative Director
Modeling, Lighting, Scene Assrmbly & Compositing Supervisor
Story & Layout Supervisor

Blur Production Team

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Credits contributed by formercontrib, Valeran, Raphael van Lierop.