Deliverance: Stormlord II

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As in Stormlord, you must rescue as many fairies as possible, on this occasion by catching them out of the sky as they fall. This isn't as easy as it sounds, because this scrolling platform shooter has many sections in which the fairies are falling towards fiery pits, and you must catch them without hitting this pit.

The controls allow you to jump, and then jump again while falling, so you can, with effort, climb most of the way up the screen. The forces of the Black Queen are out to stop you, including spiders, bats and goblins, and even the clouds and stalactites on the ceilings launch deadly droplets of distilled doom. A bonus level is offered sporadically, allowing you to collect coins for extra lives - although you start with 9, you'll need them, as the levels are long and treacherous.

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Average score: 76% (based on 18 ratings)


Average score: 3.0 out of 5 (based on 23 ratings with 1 reviews)

Less nudity and more violence

The Good
Damn it! I thought that Deliverance is supposed to be the name that could be used for a first-person shooter like Doom or Wolfenstein 3-D. I guess I was wrong. Deliverance (aka: Stormlord 2) is instead an action game by 21st Century Entertainment, and I can safely say that the game is more suitable for the kiddies, as there is less nudity and more action. As the stormlord, you basically make your way through four stages, slashing enemies that get in your way, and doing other shit like opening locked doors rescuing naked faeries. And at the end of each of the four stages, you need to defeat a boss in order to proceed.

OK, so I have lied about the nudity part. Like in the previous game, the faeries that you rescue are also nude. But that only applies to stage one. All the stages also require you to kill enemies by throwing your axe. This is your only weapon that you can use in the game, but the axe itself packs a punch, as hitting enemies with it will cause draw blood from its wounds, and it is also possible to approach the enemies at close range, and repeatedly swing your axe to make more of an impact.

All the versions of Deliverance are much better than Stormlord, particularly the Amiga version. As I said earlier, the Amiga version was done by 21st Century after they brought out Hewson, and they did an excellent job at this version. Not only did they modify the game so that it is extended, but most of the stages are huge, and each one of them is has you walking through castles, fire caverns, forests, and volcanoes. The graphics that you have to look at when you fight the stage three boss are excellent. 21st Century also added a feature that your character is positioned in the center of the screen whenever you stop walking. This is quite rare in every game that you can think of.

The sound effects throughout the game are excellent, and they are of high quality, just like those from other 21st Century games. The destruction of an enemy as well as Stormlord jumping are the best in my opinion.

The Bad
Music can only be heard on the titles and not during the game like other versions, and the music in these versions is much better than the Amiga version. It takes virtually forever to destroy some bosses in the game, which probably would not happen if you have other weapons to use.

The Bottom Line
Truly a great game in terms of gameplay, graphics, and sound effects. It would have been nice if you could use other weapons besides your axe, but even the axe packs more punch. There is less nudity in the game, but more violence as blood draws from the wounds of your enemies.

Rating: ****

Amiga · by Katakis | カタキス (43102) · 2005



  • Commodore Format
    • March 1994 (Issue 42) – Heaven: Music of the Gods


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