Rise of the Robots

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DOS credits (1994)

85 people (35 professional roles, 50 thanks) with 94 credits.

Produced by Sean Griffiths, Pete Jones, Andrew Wood
Designed and Directed by Sean Griffiths
Senior Programmers Andy Clark (Amiga), Gary Leach (PC & Coin Op)
Senior Artists Kwan Lee, Sean Naden
Character Design Sean Naden
Set Design Kwan Lee
Set Construction Interactive Images
Musical Coordination Richard Joseph, Andrew Wood
Game Soundtrack Richard Joseph
Game Music Produced by Jason Page
Music Conversions Richard Joseph, Graham King
Conversions Coordination Gina Jackson
Programmers Antonio Argentieri (Genesis), Peter Dabbs (CDi), Tony Stoddart (SNES), Keith Wood (3DO)
Marketing Julia Coombes, Declan Brennan
Publicity Julia Coombes, Declan Brennan
Distribution Roy Campbell, Dave Cotton, Andrew Wood
Script Writing Jim Murdoch
Quality Control Paul Baddeley, David Capewell, Carl Carter, Matthew Hawkesford, Lee Salt, Thomas Wardle
Package Design The Mednick Group
"The Dark" and "Resurrection" composed and performed by Brian May
Special Thanks To Tony Adams, Boz Anderson, Clare Barnett, Connie Booth, Ciaran Brennan, Rick Brookfield, Darren Bullivant, Kerry Burgess, Rod Cousens, Dave Eardley, Steve Eardley, John Paul Eaton, Rachel Fitzhugh, Nick Garnell, Harold Gilman, Christoph Gomez, Keith Healey, George Hill, Joel Hochberg, Geoff Holmes, Deborah Jones, David Klein, John Lawrence, Helenka Lewandowska-Gray, Karen Lockwood, Florence De Martino, Neal McCleave, Steve McEwan, Meach Meakin, Sarah Mould, Makoto Orii, Christopher Payne, Randy Scott, Kevin Shepherd, Andrea Simpson, Graeme Struthers, Jeff Tawney, Randy Thier, Jack Tretton, Ray Wain, Julie Walker
Extra Special Thanks To Jim Beach, Dan Van Elderen, Julie Glover, Rodger Harris, Paul Johnston, May, Justin Shirley-Smith, T.T, Michael Thomas

Time Warner Interactive

Senior Producer Ken Humphries
Marketing Tony Adams, Jeff Tawney, Rob Letts, Andrea Simpson
Manual and Packaging Designed by CAMEL Advertising and Marketing
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