aka: Outpost: Build Mankind's Future in Space
Moby ID: 1613

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Windows 3.x credits (1994)

23 people with 25 credits.

Designer Bruce J. Balfour
Lead Programmer Dan Brotherton
Project Manager Bruce J. Balfour
Art Designer Jon Bock
Programmers Michael Lytton, Randy MacNeill
Artist Richard Powell
Team QA Ken Eaton
Mascot Bud the Bug
Music Mark Seibert, Jay D. Usher
Sound Effects Neal Grandstaff, Kelli Spurgeon, Richard Spurgeon
Manual Writer Leslie Sayes Wilson, Peter Spear, Ronald Wartow
Manual Designer Nathan Gams, Lori Lucia

German Version

Localisation Oliver Kluge, Hubert Grundner, Robert Böck, Miriam Kramer
Narrator Susi Henner, Oliver Kluge
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