Burai II: Yami Kōtei no Gyakushū

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The beautiful planet Kypros, with its lovely view and rich population: humans, gods, intelligent animals... long ago, the god of light Risk and the god of darkness Daar engaged in a prolonged battle which ended with Risk's victory. Bido, the emperor of darkness, tried to revive Daar, but was stopped by the eight legendary heroes, the bearers of eight magical pearls, who united to participate in this cosmic struggle. Peace has returned to Kypros, but not for long. Bido was not completely defeated and is now planning an evil scheme that goes beyond resurrecting Daar. Peace is once again threatened, and the eight heroes have to find each other again and to fight for justice once more!

In this direct sequel to Burai, you control once again the eight heroes - all coming from a different race, culture, and place. Among them is a fearless fighter of the reptile nation, a human sorceress, brother and sister from a tribe of intelligent dog-like creatures, a silver dragon god, and others. You play the personal stories of the heroes as well as their unified struggle. You move the characters on the top-down world map, visiting towns and dungeons, and fighting randomly appearing enemies in turn-based combat viewed from first person perspective.


  • ブライⅡ・闇皇帝の逆襲 - Japanese spelling

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Credits (TurboGrafx CD version)

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Concept Design (原作)
Character Design (キャラクターデザイン)
Original Art (原画)
Music (音楽)
Maimai Plot (マイマイ・プロット)
Shiranui (不知火)
Cook Low Tam (クーク・ロー・タム)
Koredemo Sennin (Haja) (コレデモ仙人(ハジャ))
Alec Heston (アレック・ヘストン)
Ukyō Gen (幻 右京)
Barbara Karen (バルバラ・カレン)
Soltova Jeek (ソルトバ・ジーク)
Simon Lucifer (サイモン・ルシファー)
Lee Shanon (リー・シャノン)
Bido Clarent (ビドー・クレラント)
Raijin Jakkimaru (雷神 邪鬼丸)
Raph (ラーフ)
Teris (テリス)
Napoletan (ナポリタン)
Polynese (ポロネーズ)
Mentaico (メンタイコ)
Narratino (ナレーション)
Lamarre Sebastien VII (ロマール・セバスチャン七世)
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Title translation

Yami Koutei no Gyakushuu means "The Emperor of Darkness Strikes Back".

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  • MobyGames ID: 16168


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