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Block Kuzushi: Deden no Gyakushū

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Block Kuzushi: Deden no Gyakushū is a Breakout style action game similar to the classic Arkanoid. The player controls a paddle at the bottom of a screen filled with blocks and obstacles, and must bounce the ball back up when it falls with the goal of destroying all blocks on the stage. Much like Arkanoid, many blocks contain items which grant benefits to the player, such as multi ball or the ability to fire energy blasts, when caught by the paddle.

In the main story mode, a princess has been kidnapped and the player chooses one of five different characters to try to rescue her; this mode includes some minor RPG-style trappings, with on-foot town sections after certain stages, and occasional boss fights against large monsters. Additionaly, there two other more straightforward single-player modes: a standard challenge mode with 200 stages, and a "super difficult" mode with 100 extra-hard stages. There is also a two-player maddle mode.


  • ブロックくずし デデンの逆襲 - Japanese spelling

Groups +


Credits (PlayStation version)

16 People

Executive Producer (エグゼクティブプロデューサー)
Producer (プロデューサー)
Director (ディレクター)
Game Design (ゲームデザイン)
Character Design (キャラクターデザイン)
Mecha Design (メカデザイン)
Opening Design & Art (オープニング えんしゅつ さくが)
Ending Design & Art (エンディング えんしゅつ さくが)
Field Map / Stage Background Design & Art (フィルドマップ ステージはいけい えんしゅつ さくが)
Shop Screen / Battle Screen Design & Art (ショップがめん たいせんがめん えんしゅつ さくが)
Boss Mecha / Chibi Character / Character Face Design & Art (ボスメカ ちびきゃら きゃらがお えんしゅつ さくが)
  • Michihiro Honda (credited as Hiromichi Honda) (ほんだ ひろみち)
Block Placement Design (ブロックはいちデザイン)
Programmer (プログラマー)
Sound Composer (サウンドコンポーザー)
  • T's Music [ティーズミュージック]
Total Debug (トータルデバッグ)
Manual Production (マニュアルせいさく)
Publicity Work (こうほうかつどう)


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