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Toy Racer

Moby ID: 16695

Dreamcast credits (2000)

47 people (43 professional roles, 4 thanks) with 55 credits.


Creative Director
Art Director
Project Manager
Main Programmer
Network programming, Menus, Server
Game & Track Design, Script Coding, Resources Manager
2D Artist for Menux
Marketing Support
Menus design
Hidden Vehicles
Libraries, Optimization
Physics, Dynamics, Algorithmic
Sound F/X
Executive Producer


Director of Product Development
Test Manager
Lead tester
Technical Support Manager
Spanish Translator
German Translator
European Product Marketing Manager
European Product Marketing Executive
Marketing Support UK
Marketing Support France
Marketing Support Germany
Marketing Support Spain
Manual Senior Designer
Packaging Senior Designer
Manual Designer
Packaging Designer
Manual Localisation
Manual Design Co-ordinator
Package Design Co-ordinator
Package Localisation
Network Support & Marketing - Director Network
Network Support & Marketing - Producer
Network Support & Marketing - European Promotions Manager
Network Support & Marketing - Online Editor
Network Support & Marketing - Internet Design Manager
Network Support & Marketing - European Operations Director
Network Support & Marketing - Product Planning Manager
Network Support & Marketing - Technical Services
Sega Europe Management - Chief Executive Officer
Sega Europe Management - Chief Operating Officer
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Credits contributed by Cedrick Collomb, formercontrib.