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Putty Squad


In this sequel to Putty, the Wizard's peoples have invaded Putty land, and it's up to you to head to the Wizard city of Klud and free your many POWs. The gameplay has less of a puzzle element than the original, and is more of a standard platform game - to whatever extent a game in which you can become an all-conquering Terminator Putty, must face pups throwing grenades at you, and can use Uncle Ted to play a tune to distract enemies can be seen as a 'standard' example of anything.

You take control of the same amorphous blob as before, which has the ability to 'stretch' left and right (using this as a weapon which kills on contact) and to stretch upwards to make jumping easier. He can also explode himself and absorb other objects, even becoming them physically to gain an advantage.

There are stars littered around the level, and collecting these upgrades Putty's abilities, starting with a super punch for 10 stars, going up to the Terminator ability for 40.

The pups from the previous game are no longer on your side, and are out to get you. These have all manner of abilities - shooting mortar bombs at you, paradropping towards you, and even flying a helicopter.

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Credits (SNES version)

5 People

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Amiga version

The original version of the game was for the Amiga 1200. Development was completed, demo versions were released and pre-orders taken, but the final version apparently never saw the light of day, despite rave reviews from several magazines. Initially it was held over to allow the other versions to be completed. After that, the company wanted to see whether the Amiga scene would pick up. Perhaps they felt that it didn't, and scrapped the game as a result. After years of discussion and intrigue, the game was finally released as freeware on Christmas Eve 2013. Also, a small batch of boxed versions of the game were made and sold.

Amiga mastering

The mastering of the Amiga version was not done by System 3 itself, but by an Amiga enthusiast named "Galahad" who got both sources and binaries from System 3. As the source files used a special developing system named "PsyQ", it was easier for Galahad to modify the binary release.
Source: Codetapper article/interview about the mastering (2013)

Canceled ports

A Sega Genesis port was being developed at the same time as the SNES version, but it also never saw the light of day. Same for the PC version, which was started in 1995.

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