BattleTech: The Crescent Hawk's Inception

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Jason Youngblood is a young cadet MechWarrior stationed on the Citadel of Pacifica in the Lyran Commonwealth. Jason is training hard to become a battle mech pilot, following his renowned father Jeremiah. One day, the Citadel is attacked by the forces of the Draconis Combine from a neighboring star system. Barely escaping, Jason teams up with a member of Crescent Hawks, a special unit established by Jeremiah. Together, they must find the other members, ready to face the new threat. This will be harder for Jason than for anyone else, for he is sure that his father was among the attackers...

BattleTech: The Crescent Hawk's Inception is a role-playing game based on the BattleTech franchise. The first part of the game is spent training in the Citadel, acquiring the game's currency and experience, and learning how to fight in battle mechs or on foot, using smaller weapons. Afterwards, the game follows a more traditional RPG structure: Jason explores Pacifica, visiting its cities, recruiting companions, and fighting enemies in turn-based combat.

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Average score: 72% (based on 9 ratings)


Average score: 3.7 out of 5 (based on 32 ratings with 2 reviews)

The way the Mechwarrior series should have been from the start.

The Good
Took the entire spectrum of Mechwarrior (the Battletech role-playing game; Battletech is the tactical game of the Battletech universe) and put it into one great, playable rpg. Good storyline, exciting mech battles, mech customizing fun, various ways to earn your living, personel combat, different character classes and some extra secrets (laser rifles remember?) and you've got the makings of one of the first futuristic rpgs for the PC. The Mechwarrior series now focuses only on the 'mech battles, instead of personel combat, vehicular combat, or any role playing whatsoever. Future installments should combine all these genres.

The Bad
Animation was bad, and the final key hunting quest outstayed its welcome by two hours. Starting off with primitive weapons made it hard for the players, and a more balanced opposition (they had guns while you had swords and bows) would ahve made the game more enjoyable.

The Bottom Line
Everything the Mechwarrior series should have been. True Mechwarrior roleplaying.

DOS · by SebastianLi (52) · 2000

Classic computer RPG

The Good
There was something about this game. Firstly, it had a good storyline, with characters you cared about. It was set in the Battletech universe, meaning lots of giant-robot-fights, so definitely a plus in my book. :-) Even though there was an ongoing story, you could spend lots of time just exploring & fighting, scavenging other mechs you defeated, then selling the loot to get money and upgrade your own machines. You could then choose to go on with the story whenever you felt ready for it. Nice touches were the humorous bits of text boxes when talking to NPCs in the game. All in all, it was just a lot of fun to play. It was one of my favourite games on the Amiga.

The Bad
The graphics & sound were kind of primitive - for the Amiga, anyway. They were still miles beyond those of the PC version at the time.

The Bottom Line
It was kind of an RPG/adventure hybrid. Gathering experience, building up your skills, earning money in order to upgrade your mech, etc. At the same time there was a fixed story, as you would have in a typical adventure game.

Amiga · by Lukas Mariman (6) · 2004


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24-bit C-Bill glitch HueyIroquois Jun 29, 2023



All Level 1 (3025) BattleTech weapons are in the game's database, though few of them are used. With a hex editor, luck, and/or patience, players can have AC20s, LRM15s, and all the other goodies mounted on their mechs. In addition they can have all twelve members and tons of cash. Otherwise, having a party as big as the one on the back of the box is impossible.


The game shipped with a round lapel pin that was the Crescent Hawk's Insignia.


For the first few months after the game came out, players who beat the game (enduring the laborious card key door unlocking sequence to reach the final room of the secret base) received a code they could mail to FASA for a Ral Partha miniature of the Land-Air-Mech (half-plane robot) that was discovered at the end of the game.

Information also contributed by Matt McLaine and Tony Van.


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