Metal Warriors

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In the year 2102 the United Government of Earth is under attack by an organization known as Dark Axis, led by a man named Venkar Amon. The Metal Warriors are mecha pilots whose goal is to defend the planet and eventually expel the enemies. At first, they need to complete a few rescue and intelligence-gathering missions in space before the government can clear the path for a return to Earth and an assault on enemy bases.

Metal Warriors is a battlemech action game with platforming elements, similar to Cybernator in concept. The game's distinctive feature is the ability to pilot six different mechs, which vary considerably in gameplay style. Each of these mechs is equipped with its own melee weapons, firearms, and shields. Most of the mechs can only walk, but one of them is able to fly while the other rolls.

The player character can leave the mech and explore the stages on foot, and also change mechs in the middle of the exploration. Power-ups can be found in special containers and include weapon upgrades (up to four levels), bouncing and heat-seeking shots, as well as heavy shoulder weapons such as a grenade launcher.

Beside the single-player mode, the game also includes a two-player versus mode, in which two players try to exploit the strengths of the various mech types and their equipment to defeat each other in combat.

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It's all about the multi-player.

The Good
Play Metal Warriors for the head-to-head mode. Jumping from mech to mech in the heat of battle while your friend frantically chases you down is the meat of this game. The robots look neat and do some cool things you just don't see every day, from the bridge making tank to the dive bombing flyer.

I find myself getting into the single-player too, because there is room for goofing around on some of the levels, but there is one sadistic flaw I'll mention next...

The Bad
Don't play this game for the single-player unless you are a gaming master, because there are a few continues and that's IT. Losing all my lives on a single level after an hour of perfect play was all the pain I could take. I had to see the secret end-credit level on an emulator.

My other gripes are minor: Some of the controls are a bummer (the spider especially is a terror for those of us who are human); the opening is embarrassingly poor; and the pilots can't shoot the mechs and are missing frames of animation.

The Bottom Line
You're this little pilot and you get into big mechs and fight, then jump out before you die and get into other big mechs and fight some more. For anyone into giant robots, what more could you ask for?

SNES · by Leonard Robel (50) · 2005

This game deserves a sequel!

The Good
Developed by LucasArts and published by Konami, Metal Warriors is - no doubt about- a game that can be considered a masterpiece for Super Nintendo! With stunning and very detailed graphics, it contain animated scenes that are shown during the game, something uncommon in a 16-bit era cartridge. In the game you are a pilot of Mechas (the giant robots) and must go through nine missions, set in the outer space and on planets.

One of the coolest things about the game is the freedom to leave your Mecha any time you want, and enter into another one that is unoccupied. The missions are typical of the strategies of war, such as protection or rescue pilots his ship prisoners.

In total there are six types of Mechas that the player can pilot, each one with its own characteristics. Since, at a time until the player can fly several models to complete it.

Even the Multiplayer Mode is extremely fun, allowing you to wage a battle against a friend (or enemy), split screen, through huge phases and using a variety of "power-ups" and the robots unemployed to take advantage of him.

The Bad
There is no life bar or energy bar in this game... the appearance of your Mecha indicates the life you have left. When you are on the verge of destruction, it gets darker, with damaged parts and spins sparks. So when he loses his gun (with arm and all) turns out to be easy prey and can easily be destroyed.

The soundtrack is very annoying. The game's difficulty is quite hard and finish it will not be easy. The stages are very long and the biggest problem is getting out of a mission ready and safe. The controls of the characters are almost perfect, and should become a faster response just in time to pilot.

The Bottom Line
Just go play this game ... you will not regret!

SNES · by Perfil Falso (774) · 2012


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