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Deltarune: Chapter 1&2


Chapter 2 of Deltarune picks up the day after the events of the first chapter. Having sealed off the dark fountain and saved both dark and light worlds, Kris and Susie have returned to their own world where they have to deal with a much more pressing problem: finishing their school group project. Just as they enter the library to study with their friend Noelle and not-friend Berdly, however, they find a second dark fountain and are drawn back into a new dark world that's totally foreign to them. The cyber world in which they find themselves has been newly taken over by a Queen who's acting in service of the Knight who created the original dark fountain from the first episode, and so the trio must set out again to seal the fountain - and rescue Noelle and Berdly in the process.

Chapter 2 keeps essentially the same base gameplay as the original episode, with the new twist that Ralsei and Susie now gain the ability to ACT in battle with their own special skills that are distinct from Kris's. Another new twist comes at the start of the episode: even though Lancer's world has disappeared with the sealing of his castle's dark fountain, everyone who the player met there is able to coexist in Ralsei's once-empty Castle Town, which is now a bustling little metropolis filled with happy monsters. Any monsters players succeed in befriending in the second episode will be able to move into Castle Town as well, its population growing with each subsequent episode. A new menu at save points lets players see which monsters they've befriended so far.

Chapter 2 was bundled along with an updated version of the first chapter. Players are able to start the game from either chapter, and players with a saved game from the end of Chapter 1 are able to carry it through into the second.

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Credits (Windows version)

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Main Artist & Animator
Main Team
BG Concept Art (Cyber Field, City, Mansion)
Dark World Costume Design (Kris, Susie)
Dark World Costume Design (Berdly)
Guest Character Design (Lancer, Rudinn, Hathy, Clover, King, Jevil)
Singing This Song
Guest Character Design (Poppup, Ambyu-Lance, Hacker, etc.)
Guest Character Design (Sweet, Cap'n, K_K, Tasque Manager)
Pixel Art Assistance
Development Tools (Cool)
Programming Assistance
Cutscene Assistance
Music Assistance
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