War Mongrels

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Windows credits (2021)

96 people (92 professional roles, 4 thanks) with 179 credits.

Destructive Creations Development, Publishing and Mighty Outsource Teams

CEO Jarosław Zieliński
Chief of Development Jarosław Zieliński
Digital Architect Miłosz Gierczak
Lead Programming Piotr B─ůk
Programmer Arkadiusz Filip
Gameplay Programmers Łukasz Przeliorz, Tomasz Widenka
Backend Programmer Łukasz Przeliorz
AI Programmer Tomasz Widenka
Scripters Arkadiusz Filip, Jakub Stychno, Paweł Słabiński
Blueprint Scripter Jarosław Zieliński
Additional Scripting Bartosz Opilski
Lead Graphic Designer Tomasz Schneider
Level Artists Maja Gomola, Michał Gryglicki
Environment Artists Dawid Gomola, Krystian B─ůk, Tomasz Schneider
3D Environment Artist Miłosz Gierczak
3D Character Artist Pasha Guba
Vehicles Artist Dawid Gomola
Weapons Artist Dawid Gomola
Lighting Artist Maja Gomola
VFX Artist Marek Kozłowski
FX Artist Krystian B─ůk
Material Artist Krystian B─ůk
Technical Artist Marek Kozłowski
Menu Graphics Designers Cat Kaczmarek, Kamil W├│jcik
2D Cut-scenes Cat Kaczmarek, Kamil W├│jcik
Animation Jarosław Zieliński
Houdini enthusiasts Krystian B─ůk, Micha┼é Gryglicki
2D Marketing Artist Mateusz Czech
Game Designer Oskar Maleszko
Level Designer Oskar Maleszko
Designers Jakub Stychno, Jarosław Zieliński, Paweł Słabiński
UX Menu Designer Magda Filip
Lead Writer Jarosław Zieliński
Writer Oskar Maleszko
History Articles Writer Michał Flont
History Consultant Michał Flont
Music Adam Skorupa, Krzysztof Wierzynkiewicz
SFX Adam Skorupa
Sound Designer Jarosław Zieliński
VO Director Jarosław Zieliński
QA Lead Lukasz Niedzwiecki
QA Artur Sobczak, Bartosz Opilski, Magda Filip
Localization Manager Oskar Maleszko
Humble captain of the translators team Joanna Stebel-Krupińska
English and Spanish Translation Joanna Stebel-Krupińska
LQA Bartosz Opilski
Business and Publishing Lead Manager Martin Stehl├şk
CMO Marcin Stanek
Marketing Joanna Stebel-Krupińska, Karolina Polewik
Marketing Consultant Krzysztof Sazon
Social Media Joanna Stebel-Krupińska, Karolina Polewik
Communication Consultant Krzysztof Sazon
CFO Jadwiga Zielińska-Drzał
Finance Jadwiga Zielińska-Drzał
Paperwork Jadwiga Zielińska-Drzał
Bureaucracy Jadwiga Zielińska-Drzał
Dead but handsome Adam Skorupa
The man replying to your support requests Arkadiusz Filip
The man who knows how the microwave oven in the office works Artur Sobczak
Thinking he can leave us now, but we'll get him back! Bartosz Opilski
She didn't want to add anything funny Cat Kaczmarek
He left us in the past, but apparently it's not that simple Dawid Gomola
Coffee Supplier Jadwiga Zielińska-Drzał
9gag Browser Jakub Stychno
Senior Meme Creator Jakub Stychno
Constantly pissed at everyone Jarosław Zieliński
He didn't want to add anything funny Kamil W├│jcik
Posting memes and scrolling through Instagram Karolina Polewik
Human Absurdity Combatant Krzysztof Sazon
Thinking he is forever young, lol Krzysztof Wierzynkiewicz
The guy who always knows everything! Lukasz Niedzwiecki
Game addict who tries to restrain himself by making games instead Łukasz Przeliorz
Slack emoji manager Magda Filip
Probably the nicest person here Maja Gomola
The guy left us in the past, but we've tracked him down again Marek Kozłowski
Business drunk captain, he remembers when dinosaurs were here Marcin Stanek
Our own Pepik (Pepik = Czech guy)! Martin Stehl├şk
We saw him in person only once Mateusz Czech
Ask him a simple question, he'll give you 20 pages of PDF history lessons about the case Michał Flont
Never says 'no' when it comes to drinking Michał Gryglicki
Gardener, biggest lover of lame jokes in the company. Good thing he didn't write the plot! Miłosz Gierczak
Being himself (that's enough problems) Oskar Maleszko
The only 3D character artist in WM. We have never met our Ukranian friend yet! Pasha Guba
Chopping down trees after his level got meshed Paweł Słabiński
Still thinks he's not a Lead, but he is. Piotr B─ůk
Coffee machine service technician, orders lunches, team problems solver Tomasz Schneider
Wasting time fishing, being literally the oldest dude here Tomasz Widenka

Additional Work

Social Media Management Angelika Halerz, Magdalena Łukasik, Paula Jeziorska, Paweł Janeda
Guitar Recording Aleksander Grochocki
Chello Recording Bart Pałyga
Additional Writing Daniel Sadowski
The most awesome 2D arts showing main characters Grzegorz Pędziński
History Consultant Jack Cuccurullo
Additional Animation Kamil Boczkowski
Publishing Management Magdalena Łukasik
VFX, Materials, Houdini-fu Marcin Ka┼║mierczak
Web Designer Paweł Krupiński
2D Artist Tomasz G├│rnicki
2D Art Voit Studio

Voice Actors

Manfred John Schwab
Ewald Doug Cockle
Lukas Alex Jordan
Lead Ben Whitehead
Rubble Dan Mersh
Greta Laurel Lefkow
Joachim Rob Rackstraw
Voice Actors Adam Skorupa, Aleksander Grochocki, Alex Wohnhaas, Babette Barat, Benni Krause, Dan Mersh, Elisabeth Duda, Fabian Rohm, Igor Stepanow, Ilia Zmijew, Jan Aleksandrowicz, Jamie Newall, Jarosław Zieliński, Karolina Grochocka, Kerry Shale, Magda Przychodzka, Mateusz Kowol, Mike Bodie, Philippe Boudoux, Sam Taldeker, Stefan Lehnen, Uwe Thomsen, Wayne Forester
Drunken SS Choir Artur Pokus, Bartosz Opilski, Jarosław Zieliński, Mateusz Kowol

Motion Capture Actors

Motion Capture Actors Ilona Zieli┼äska, Jaros┼éaw Zieli┼äski, Kamil Boczkowski, Maciej Kwiatkowski, Magdalena ┼üukasik, Milu┼Ť the dog [R.I.P. 20.05.2021], Mi┼éosz Gierczak, Saniw├│j Kr├│l

Translation Team

Polish Correction Adam Michniewicz
Portuguese (Brazilian) Translation Agata Jankowska
Italian Translation Alicja Paczyńska, Niccolo Pastore
German Translation Beate Botor
French Translation Candice M. Binois, Patrycja Jańczuk
Korean Translation of Articles Ching Il You
Turkish Translation G├Âzde Akdo─čan
Russian Translation Jarosław Majętny
German Translation of Articles Maria Go┼é─ůbek
Japanese Translation of Articles Mizuki Stabik
Russian Translation of Articles Oleksandr Potopakhin
Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) and Japanese Translation of Articles Paweł Stabik
Translation to all supported languages of War Diaries Roboto Translation


We wish to thank Our families, friends and fans for their endless support and believing in us against all odds!
Also, we thank You for buying and playing the game!, If you pirated it - thanks for playing anyway, But you're not allowed to bitch about anything in it!
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