Harpoon Classic '97

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Windows 3.x credits (1996)

31 people with 51 credits.

Producers Jim Harler, Brent Smith
Programming John Keene, C. Gordon Walton
Multimedia/Tools Support Robert Stevenson
Art Support Laura Hutchinson, William J. Baverstock
Manual Revisions Robert E. Waters
Scenario Design (EC2000) B. I. Hutchinson
Quality Assurance Ismini Boinodiris Roby, Shane Brewer, Carlin Gartrell, Mariselle Mulero, Ted Wagoner
Harpoon by Larry Bond
Design Team (Harpoon Classic) Larry Bond, Don R. Gilman, Leslie Hill, Mike Jones, Becky McGuire, C. Gordon Walton
Programming (Harpoon Classic) Robert Brannon, Scott Cronce, Leslie Hill, Mike Jones, Becky McGuire, C. Gordon Walton
Music and Sound Programming (Harpoon Classic) Mark Biefuss, Robert Brannon, Kelly Fergason, Bill Hause, Martin McGreary, C. Gordon Walton
Artwork (Harpoon Classic) Dale Homburg, Jimmie Homburg
Manual (Harpoon Classic) Lance Bernard
Manual Revisions (Harpoon Classic) Jim Masterson, C. Gordon Walton
Producers (MEDC Battleset) Becky Jones, Mike Jones
Design (MEDC Battleset) Larry Bond, Don R. Gilman
Scenarios (MEDC Battleset) Don R. Gilman
Scenario Entry (MEDC Battleset) Tim Jacobs, Becky Jones, Mike Jones
Art (MEDC Battleset) Dale Homburg, Jimmie Homburg
Database (MEDC Battleset) Larry Bond, Becky Jones, Mike Jones
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