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As you may guess from the title, Flesh Feast involves zombies. Lots of zombies. The game takes place on an island resort owned by the food corporation NASAT Inc. After an explosion at their main factory, NASAT's "secret ingredient" is accidentally released into the water supply. Soon afterwards the island's population begins to grow sick and die, only to rise again as mindless flesh-eating zombies. The game takes place in three different areas divided into four levels each. In each area you'll take control of a different main character and guide them through the various levels in an attempt to survive the zombie onslaught. Once you complete all three areas the main characters get together for a final showdown at the NASAT factory.

Flesh Feast is a third-person action game which takes place in three-dimensional levels. In each level you will control a main character as well as up to three helpers for a total of four characters. You can control a character directly, or you can give them commands using a strategic mode. Throughout the levels are located a variety of weapons such as golf clubs, chainsaws, and sub-machine guns which you need to arm your characters with in order to fight off the endless horde of undead. Besides the unending army of zombies there are also a few human survivors struggling through each level, and if you save them they'll be able to join you team at the end of the level.

Levels include a graveyard, an airport, a sports complex, a hospital (complete with morgue), and even the shopping mall from Dawn of the Living Dead.

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Coulda been a contender...

The Good
The story, cutscenes and levels were SUPERB! Everything you'd wanna see in a zombie movie.

Whoever wrote the back story for this game was a George Romero fan and it shows.

The Bad
Unfortunately all the good stuff I mentioned is tacked on to a terrible game.

The idea is a solid one. You have various groups of survivors that you need to lead to safety. The mechanics are where Flesh Feast falls on its' zombiefied face.

To start, your group is usually scattered all over the level. While you can control any one character, the ones you arent controlling are none too smart. Since each group has one 'lead' character that HAS to survive to pass the level, you'll tend to let the others become Sunday brunch for the cannibal crowd.

I don't think the group idea was a bad one. Just the guys at SegaSoft should have played Shadow Company: Left For Dead first to figure out how to handle the idea correctly.

The Bottom Line
A missed opportunity.

Windows · by Atomic Punch! (186) · 2003



The game is kind enough to provide a quick walkthrough which basically tells you the solutions to all the puzzles in the readme.doc file on the CD.

German index

On April 30, 1998, Flesh Feast was put on the infamous German index by the BPjS. More information can be found in the game group.


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