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Alley Cat

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Alley Cat is an action game consisting of several mini games tied together. You're a little black cat who wants to make love to a pretty lady cat that lives in an apartment complex. Play all kinds of cat-themed mini games in order to reach her and score as many points as you can while doing so.

You start out in an alley and need to get inside the apartment by climbing on garbage cans and a fence. Next, jump on a clothesline and through several open windows while big dogs try to eat you and people throw garbage at you. Outside of the apartment complex you can score points by eating the mice that run across the clotheslines. Once you've jumped through a window you enter a room where you play a randomly assigned mini game.

These mini games include: eating all the fish in a fish bowl, stealing milk from a bunch of bulldogs, pushing a birdcage from a table and eating the bird, catching mice inside a big cheese, pushing vases from a cabinet. To make things harder there's always a broom inside every room that tries to knock you around. You score points by completing the mini games within a certain time (the faster the better).

After you've completed a mini game you're back in the alley. Make your way back inside the apartment complex and you get a chance to play the love-cat game: try to reach the lady cat on the top row of hearts while rival male cats and cupid's arrows knock you down. After you've mated, the difficulty gets cranked up a notch.

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Alley Cat was one of the few games of the 1980s that was programmed with full attention to different PC speeds. It's an early, old game--yet it runs perfectly on any machine. The reason it runs on any computer today is, upon loading, the first thing it performs is a mathematical routine to determine the speed of your processor, and as of 2003 we've yet to build an Intel PC too fast to play it.

PCjr / Tandy support

The game supports the PCjr out of the box and uses an alternate CGA palette. However, Tandy support wasn't available until an amateur patch was created in 2015. It can be found here.

Hidden message

Bill Williams hid the message, "MAY GOD BLESS YOU AND KEEP YOU" within the programming code of the game.


Bill Williams only made $600 on Alley Cat.

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