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Nyet II


Nyet II is a shareware Tetris clone and the apparent sequel to the first Nyet (though it is unclear whether it is an official sequel because the first Nyet was made by a different developer). It features gameplay identical to the classic Tetris, where the player must create rows of falling blocks to make them disappear, but with some differences. One notable difference is that some levels contain floating blocks which must be navigated around, although they can also be eliminated if they become part of rows formed by the player.

In addition, the player can earn "Nobbys" to change the game in their favor. Eliminating four rows at once awards a half-Nobby and eliminating two sets of four rows consecutively awards a full Nobby. Once one or more Nobbys have been collected, they can be used for the following actions:

  • F5 = 5000 Points (1 Nobby)
  • F6 = delete 4 rows (1 Nobby)
  • F7 = disable playfield actions (1 Nobby)
  • F8 = skip the current level (2 Nobbys)

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