Delta Force

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In this first-person 3D shooter, the player is put in the shoes of a Delta Force commando and will have to prove themselves by relying more on their abilities and tactical thinking than their weapons to complete their mission. They will nonetheless have a wide military arsenal at their disposal to dispatch their enemies if need be (from short ranged weapons such as a .45 pistol, to machine guns and long ranged sniper rifles, as well as bazookas, mines or grenades).

Besides a bunch of single player missions, multiplayer modes such as DeathMatch or Capture the Flag are available over the Internet or LAN.


  • 三角洲特种部队 - Simplified Chinese spelling
  • 三角洲部隊 - Traditional Chinese spelling

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Menu Programming
Character Animation System
Additional Programming
NovaWorld Programming
Executive Producer
Project Management
Technical Management
Associate Producer
Mission Design Manager
Senior Mission Designer
Mission Design
Art Director
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Average score: 77% (based on 27 ratings)


Average score: 3.3 out of 5 (based on 44 ratings with 5 reviews)

Military FPS with long distance fight.

The Good
Delta Force is very nicely made (in its time) military simulator, where you can change settings to make game more like arcade or simulator. Voxel engine works fine with outdoor environment with plain terrain. I was surprised, that in every campaign the enemy soldiers spoke their language, even in Indonesia. There is a large selection of weapons, i one mission you can also use laser designator to mark targets for naval artillery, a it's very pleasing to lie hidden on the hill and watch enemies surpressed by devastating artillery fire.

The Bad
Let's start with the briefing. The person responsible for planning routes in your GPS must be a terrorist agent, because the routes are suicide. They take you always in the surrounding crossfire situation. It's better to choose your own path, but there's a problem with waypoints - if you don't go to some waypoints, you don't trigger the other teams to assist you.

Weapon selection - there is "classic" selection of weapons, all nice modelled, but all weapons except M4 with scope are almost useless. You shoot mostly on very long distance, and weapons without scope are absolutely unusable. Sniper rifles work fine for long distance, but there is never mission, where you do sniper's work only. Fight with pistol against Kalashnikov in close quarters means your death in few seconds.

Fight - very long distance fight is just not so funny. Some dots are shooting at you and you feel like arcade "dothunter" and not soldier.

Sound - I don´t know if it was caused by my sound settings, but i was never able to determine direction or distance of enemy soldiers by sound and that's very important aspect in 3D action game. I you hear speaking enemy, you don't know if he's behind hill before you or 300m away.

The Bottom Line
Delta Force is game with it's flaws, but enjoyable to play. Not extra fun, but you'll maybe like it.

Windows · by Silmarillion (70) · 2008

Delta Force (Steam)

The Good
- Revolutionary for its time (incredible influence on Tactical Shooters genre); - Great sounds; - Great effects of smoke and explode; - Cool realization of optical sight; - Still playable.

The Bad
- Retired; - Monotonous and too long (for today); - Small selection of weapons (no reason to select NOT M4) - Sometimes freezes (that require to reboot PC).

The Bottom Line
Good, but out of date

Windows · by Stalker2021 (1) · 2023

A reaonsable concept, marred by a terrible game engine and pointless gameplay.

The Good
I really don't like Delta Froce. Quite frankly, I find it hard to understand why anyone would like this game; other than the relatively new concept at the time, it hasn't got anything good in it. Play Rainbow Six instead.

The Bad
The game engine is a DISASTER. I don't understand why they stuck with a voxel engine when 3D hardware was already available, and even years before there was Quake, with its terrific 3D engine. This engine really ruins what might have been a great game, but currently the game is just this: terrible. It is slow, and I mean SLOW (I'm talking about around 5 frames per second at the lowest resolution it would allow (640x480) on my trusty Pentium 166 with Voodoo 2) and looks disgusting (the entire game has a sickening green hue).

As a result, the controls are a disaster, and gameplay is the same. This game is literally unplayable.

The Bottom Line
Crap. A basically good idea which was poorly executed, to say the least.

Windows · by Tomer Gabel (4536) · 2000

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German version

In the German version death cries were removed and red blood effects when shooting an enemy were coloured white.


Delta Force uses voxel technology, a very new concept for its time. Voxels are essentially 3D pixels. This serves to give the terrain an "inside" rather than just a hollow surface.


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