Delta Force: Land Warrior

aka: Delta Force: Operaciya "Specnaz"
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A military sim in which you play an infantry soldier. The focus here is on land warfare: you, your feet, a few weapons and some back-up. While there is a wide assortment of weapons from which to choose, you of course can only carry a limited number at a time. You can, however, drop your weapon, and pick up your enemies'. Numerous characters and a broad mission assortment provide for countless hours of action-oriented entertainment.


  • Отряд Дельта: Операция "Спецназ" - Russian spelling
  • 三角洲特种部队:大地勇士 - Simplified Chinese spelling

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Average score: 74% (based on 43 ratings)


Average score: 2.8 out of 5 (based on 39 ratings with 3 reviews)

Ahh...a shooting gallery sim?

The Good
The game's engine is pretty neat. I left my mouse button on the "up" arrow and went to a friend's house for most of the day. When I came back, my guy was still wandering through the area. The little indicator said he'd traveled 24 kilometers so far.

Some of the levels were interesting...the Sphinx, jungles, dropping into an enemy encampment from parachute.

Sometimes you get allies who help you.

Hey, shooting guys from a mile away is fun!

Something this game boasts is "one hit and you die" realism. Well, that is'll die in one or two hits, just like in real life.

The Bad
Ahhh the difficulty. Too damned easy. The "one hit you die" realism applies to the bad guys as well, and almost every single level, you just sit on top of a mountain, look through your sniper scope and pick'em off like shooting gallery targets. Sometimes they'll shoot back at you, but THEY don't have sniper rifles, DO THEY? Mwa haw haw!

It's just too easy. And the game seemed to have some serious issues with indoor areas. Outdoors, the game ran smooth as silk. Go inside and suddenly the frame rate drops down to a tenth of what it was. Close-quarters combat was much harder than outdoors, but usually a toss of a grenade would clear away any bad guys who give you trouble.

Yawn...well...really, the engine is good otherwise, but the fact is, almost every single level invovles you picking them off. It's too easy, too boring.

Sometimes you get allies, but they die so who cares?

Multiplayer was fun in Delta Force 2, because it was fun to play the sniper then...but you could turn those bullet-streamer thingies off. In Delta Force 3, I couldn't figure out how to do this. Nothing gives a sniper's location away easier than a long line pointing directly to him. Blagh.

The Bottom Line
Looking for a shooting gallery sim? That's about all this game is. You generally have objectives or waypoints to make your way to, but most of the time you'll stand up on your mountain and get rid of the resistance.

The game can be fun, though. There's some satisfaction in blowing away targets a mile away.

Multiplayer is fun as long as nobody is a sniper.

Windows · by kbmb (415) · 2003

Too easy - Counterstrike wannabe.

The Good
Not much. Besides killing guys from sniper mode long distance, that's probably the only positive thing about the game.

The Bad
Not enough challenge in this game. The story line is fixed, no matter what character you choose, strangely no matter what character you use, you would somehow turn to the sniper approach.

The campaigns didn't have enough "action" in them. There isn't one campaign where all the team mates join together. It would be more fun if there were more armed vehicles and stuff in it.

The Bottom Line
A tie in addiction between this game and free cell. (I like free cell better...more different possibilities...hahahha)

Windows · by Indra was here (20768) · 2002

Virtual fights with two faces

The Good
After I purchased the game it was quite exciting to find out what adventures me and my virtual ego would try to survive. There are many weapons you are able to use. I found out two ways to solve the missions: Number 1: I picked up a sniper rifle and switched off the enemies from long distance. Number 2 (more exciting): I took some midrange weapons and sneaked into the heart of the enemy. In several missions the way of sneaking was very nice to play. Scope on, going some steps, waiting, kill the resistance. That was good!

After finishing DFLW, I tried to play it on internet. And I won´t miss it! Through DFLW I found the German Lance(, a german DFLW-Squad I joined some weeks ago. We don´t play this serious, fun is the first "engine" for our gaming. Via the DFLW-engine you can manage fighting vs. other DFLW-players very easy.

The Bad
It´s probably to use little bugs in the game, one of them allows you to "glitch" hills. That means you´re able to hide behind one of the hills (scope on) without be seen by other players. The bug is that you´re able to fire while "glitching".

In internet fighting zones of Novalogic some people use it to snipe at their enemies. Not good.. and not fair.

Also its easy to complete the single player mode with a sniper rifle - in m< opinion no big challenge. It is very easy to kill the enemies, who do not act very intelligent. With one exception: In one of the mission you have to kill an assassin. The enemy yells out loud if they see you and begin to fire grenades. This mission I like most of all!

The Bottom Line
A singe shooter game, in which you are able to play a member of the Delta Force unit. Several weapons can be used to fulfill the missions, also four different characters can be chosen to solve the missions. DFLW can be played on internet and a local area network, two possibilities gamers should try. DFLW has "two faces". On the one hand several missions are very exciting. On the other the game is a bit too easy. Sniper rifles are mighty weapons, in this game they make it very simple to achieve the goals. And destroy the challenge.

Windows · by Spa (2) · 2001


East Timor

One of the scenario's is located in East Timor (Timur Timur) which has since then gained its independence and is now known as Timor Leste.

In the scenario, the player is to defend against East Timor 'terrorists', long before Indonesia was even remotely connected to terrorism, as known now through dubious government-sponsored *cough* Islamic terrorist operations. Though it should be known that East Timor is predominately Catholic and does not operate outside of the East Timor region, so historically not really much 'terrorism' going on.

The scenario also includes some minor voice-overs from the East Timor terrorists, though not really something an Indonesian of any tribe would actually say in real-life: if the player shoots at them, they will scream "ibu...ibu" (mother...mother) or "aduh...aduh" (ouch...ouch). It should be also known that speaking Indonesian was not particularly popular at that time there, being the third language after Portuguese and local tribal languages.

German version

In the German version the blood effects and death cries were removed.


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