Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space

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The sequel to Strange Adventures in Infinite Space, Weird Worlds is a desktop starship game set in a randomly generated universe. The player begins their session by selecting a military, science, or pirate-themed mission and then choosing a 10, 20, or 30-year voyage. Players also determine the strength of enemy races and the amount of nebulas which clutter the starfield.

The game plays out over a starfield (larger or smaller depending on the length of the mission). The player begins at Glory, an Earth-type planet, and then uses point-and-click commands to travel to other planets. Each planet has a unique description and may contain rare artifacts or upgrades for the player’s ship. Planets may also be guarded by alien races, house intergalactic swap meets, or act as bases for mercenaries waiting to be hired by the player.

While the player begins with one of three ship types, each ship is fully customizable with a wide range of armor, equipment, and weaponry. Hiring mercenaries opens up a fleet management option, enabling the player to set a formation or swap equipment from ship to ship. Mercenaries may simply escort science vessels on their way towards exploring weird new worlds and meeting strange civilizations or, in pirate or military-themed missions, become part of a devastating flotilla.

Weird Worlds features tactical space battles, where ships engage enemy vessels, using hard points to knock down enemy shields and weapons systems. Weird Worlds is also full of random events, from supernovas to secret quests beyond the initial mission parameters. Weird Worlds is intended to be played in a single sitting, usually taking twenty minutes. Players are rewarded for exploring worlds, meeting alien races, acquiring alien technology and artifacts, and—above all—returning before the time limit. In addition to the core game, Weird Worlds has a tutorial mode for new players and a tactical battle simulator. Weird Worlds also supports mods.


  • 奇异世界:重返无尽的太空 - Simplified Chinese spelling

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A Mostly Overlooked Gem

The Good
Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space is, first of all, a labour of love. It's a love of science, of science-fiction in general, of Star Trek, of B movies, of pulp magazines, of works of Douglas Adams and of rogue-likes. How else they could put so many little things in a game which is so simple gameplay-wise? When so much heart in question, it is no surprise that one feels like a kid, sitting in a cardboard box with a pot as a helmet on his head, ready to explore the vast unknown while playing this game. Gameplay is simple: You command a vessel, there is a time limit and you try to collect as many things as possible and get back home before your time runs out. Everything is randomized but there are some (not many) quests, that usually involves greater threats than usual. There are ship components to pick up, alien ships to recruit, artifacts to use or plunder. When you encounter hostile forces, you go to the battle screen, where you command your ships in a very simple pause-to-give-orders interface. If you are lucky, you'll vanquish your foes and get back to Hope, your home system. Then you get a new title depending on your score and the ship you picked. A short game can be completed in 10 minutes and a long one in 30-35. It is also easily moddable, although there are only a handful of good mods. This bite-size fun option has made this game my Solitaire since 2005. There is a sequel coming out soon but I still recommend this to everyone.

The Bad
Like most Rogue-likes, you can die in a yet another stupid death but this is not a problem, it is expected. The problem is, some battles can not be won without certain weapons and/or equipment without losing ships. And the weapons and equipment you need may possibly be on the planet which is guarded by the fleet you can't defeat without the weapons and equipment in question. No amount of planning can change that. It adds to the challenge, yes, but can be a bit annoying. There is one flaw of this game which I just can't find an excuse. Weapons and equipment have 1 to 5 stars indicating their effectiveness. Sometimes you get weapons with the same amount of stars and make the matters worse, same function, for example, point defense. You'll just have to try them out. This becomes a bigger problem when it comes to shields and other components where it is harder to distinguish the results. The number of quests are very low and they are quite rare. I wish there was a proper campaign mode or a larger pool of random quests.

The Bottom Line
Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space is a fun, quick paced and (mostly) well crafted game. In my humble opinion, there is no better way to spend your coffee break.

Windows · by mulayim (27) · 2014



  • In the particle vortex cannon's description, there is a little quote; "eat electric death, alien scum!". This is clearly a reference to Tempest 2000, which contains the same line.
  • One of the artifacts you can find is the Golden Canister, which contains a golden disk called the Voyager Golden Record. The description says: "The significance of this important find is obvious. The golden disk contains startling information and songs from a distant Earth, yet your only thoughts are that you wish they had sent more Chuck Berry!" This in an obvious reference to the famous Saturday Night Live segment, in which Steve Martin portrays a psychic named Cocuwa, who predicts that the cover of Time Magazine for the upcoming week will show the message "Send more Chuck Berry," which had supposedly been sent from aliens to Earth the week before.


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