Need for Speed II

aka: NFS 2, Over Drivin' II
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In Need For Speed II the player takes control of eight Super Cars and races his or her way through six different tracks from Australia to Nepal. Much like the first in the series, the sequel has plenty of high performance cars to choose from, including the McLaren F1, Ferrari F50, Lotus GT1, Jaguar XJ220, Ford GT90, Isdera Commendatore 112i, Italdesign Cala and Lotus Esprit V8, each handling differently.

Once the player has beaten the six tracks, a new track is made available. It's a fast paced racing game which is intended to play more like an arcade racer than a true simulation, though the player can select which driving style suits him or her best: arcade or simulation.

There are three game modes: single race, tournament (in which the player must get the highest score in order to win) and knock out (in which the player has to outrun at least one car at the end of each track to avoid elimination). Car settings such as gear ratio, downforce, break bias and color can be customized. The opponents' skill can also be chosen, as well as the presence of civilian traffic in the tracks. The game offers four options of camera views: heli-cam, tail-cam, in-car and road cam. A replay mode with eight cinematic cameras is also available.

The main difference between this and the previous Need for Speed game is in the tracks, with less open road tracks in this sequel. Also, there are no cops to chase the player. However, the tracks available are have a range of detail, and some have changing weather conditions while the player races.

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Average score: 3.6 out of 5 (based on 58 ratings with 2 reviews)

Speed Haste

The Good
I didn't believe second part can be better from its prequel 'Need 4 Speed' temporarily not added to MobyGames database. Though, I don't mean I like original Need for Speed. Only think I liked there was its originality, and really excelent movie-clip sequences explaining each car statistics.

So, after detailed sweeping, I finally chose a car, better known as McClaren (was I spell that right, ugh?), oh boy, when the thought occured my mind it has the same name as one of the best Formula1 car, it was too late. I was speeding then on a trip without peeking back, except through the mirror. So I put in the first gear, touring the motor a li'l, and waited for a green light to be lit. Then a black trace lit by the fire I left on the asphalt as I went to my first curve, after that, I shifted to 2nd, 3rd and the 4th gear, as I saw an 'R' word on my gear lever. 'Rally' that stands for, I was sure... kabooom when my engine blew up my hood sky high and my car was starting to slow. Well, so much for the race, but at least now I know 'R' stands for 'Reverse'... ahh, why couldn't I figure that up earlier when my win was depending on it.

So much for racing I thought, and went to pick another car. This time I chose Chevy, nope, not the truck you guys know, but Corvette one. That was a car with a large hood I'd say. Stable and confident, although not that fast as McClaren. I was cruising the city and outcity streets, showing my power to other puny cars like Caddilacs, Jeeps, and other cars such as Caravans. 'Hey, where did the police cars came from?' I screamed and push the gas peddal to the ground. Yup, they were not match for my Corvette. Lurking too much behind, I didn't notice a road blockade ahead. This time I really thought it's over. I was speeding to them, getting closer every wheel spin, and finally... zoinks a picture went flashy white, like I was blind for a split second, and I kinda woke up from my imagination realizing that a flash beam was probably from the intro scene when the two cars dissapear like with some warp egnition. That was quite enough for me. I decided to wait game's loading, and take the fate of my wheel into my hands, no more fantacise, it's time for reality of driving.

This game gives you really great cars, and one thing it has much better from it's prequel. The controls! It all acts the same, but this time car actually responds when you push the right or left arrow on your keyboard. In the first part, this was hardly noticeable. The cars haven't got any ALI (Artificial Listening Inteligence), but it was the first from the serial, so let them be. Before this game, there was only one game simulation (speaking of car simulations of course) I trully loved and finished. That was "Test Drive II" from Accolade company. Uhh I remember these days, when I could only choose from Ferrari and Porsche, but then I got a floppy disk with more cars to set on stage, older and newer cars, that was a game. And if you ask me, it still is. I think "Test Drive II" is the best from their serial, which reminds me that this game - "Need for Speed II: Special Edition" is also second part of installment. I guess 2nd places took all regards on my computer(s).

The Bad
Nothiiiiing, I say nothiiing, at aaaaall. I think Whitney Houston would agree with me on this one.

The Bottom Line
Nice tracks, better graphics, game is still excellent even without 3D support, though it supports Voodoo cards, car selection is fine, and controls are the best by the time. This game will give you really enjoyable time, and you can play with your friend on the same computer as well. The screen splits horizontally, and saily ho! You can drive. As its prequel, the game also has nicely done movie-sequences that present certain cars you can play with. Don't say no, and you won't need to buy other sequels.

Windows · by MAT (240188) · 2012


The Good
Compared to its prequel this game certainly looked better. The graphics were much sweeter, and a real 640x480 VGA mode made the difference. The cars still looked like they were floating over the track rather than driving on them, but the cars did look good. The controls were better too. You could actually use a wheel, though it had little feel. Better to stick with the keyboard.

The range of cars differed from NFS1 in that they were all supercars and concept cars. All the way from the brutally fast Lotus Espirt Turbo to the absolutely insane McLaren F1, and including some I'd never heard of, like the ItalDesign Cala. No room for Toyotas and Hondas here.

As the game starts you get to choose a car, but there's really no choice. The McLaren F1 is (or was until a few weeks ago - say hello to the TVR Speed 12) the fastest production car in the world - 232mph, 0-60 in 3.2 seconds. These guys from Woking, England bolted two 3 litre BMW engines together, stuffed 'em in a Formula One chasis, stretched some carbon fibre bodywork over the top, and sold it for a cool 650,000 UK pounds. An automotive masterpiece, and basically the fastest, best handling car ever. Why would you ever bother racing anything else? To be different? Give me a break! Who cares about being different when your driving a McLaren ferchrisakes!!

[This reviewer takes 5 and wipes the mad-dog drool from his chin]

Actually the thing I like best was the number of British cars on display. I was rather disappointed with the first NFS game for having none (3 Japanese, 2 Italian, 2 American and 1 German), now we have several. A warm glow of pride spreads from within... no, wait a minute, I've spilt my coffee.

The Bad
To be honest I really didn't like this game that much. You had these great cars, which handled well and looked good, and tried to be as realistic as possible. And then you had these stupid, stupid tracks. Poorly imagined circuits based on nothing even resembling reality. Sure, the Aussie course was fun and fast, and the Canadian course has that wonderful down-hill trek through the mountains, but they were mostly awful. Which is a pity, because the game was otherwise pretty good.

The Bottom Line
A good driving game? Yes. Better than its predecessor? Yes. A classic? No, I'm sorry. It's good, but it retrospect it pales into insignificance when compared to the games that followed it. NFS3 and NFS5 come on down...

Windows · by Steve Hall (329) · 2000


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