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Atlas Fallen

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Windows credits (2023)

615 people (583 professional roles, 32 thanks) with 626 credits.


In memory of

Deck13 Interactive

Managing Directors

Deck13 Interactive: Game Design

Associate Game Design Director
3CS Design
Combat Design
Lead Level Designer
Level Design
Quest Design
Lead Open World Designer
Systems Design
Technical Design
UI / UX Design
Additional Design

Deck13 Interactive: Narration

Narrative Design Closer
Narrative Design

Deck13 Interactive: Tech

Technical Directors
Gameplay Programming
Lead Graphics Programmer
Graphics Programming
Technical Art
Tools Programming
Console Programming
Engine Programming
Network Programming

Deck13 Interactive: Art

Art & World Director
Associate Art Director
3D Art
Lead Character Artist
3D Character Art
Lead Environment Artist
3D Environment Art
Lead Animator
Concept Art
Outsourcing Art
Lead Visual Effects & Lighting Artist
Visual Effects
Technical Art

Deck13 Interactive: Audio

Audio Director, Composer, Sound Design

Deck13 Interactive: Production

Development Director

Deck13 Interactive: Quality Assurance

IT & QA Director
QA Manager
QA Testing

Deck13 Interactive: Marketing

PR and Content Management

Deck13 Interactive: IT

System Administration

Deck13 Interactive: Administration

Head of Finance
Human Resources
Trainee HR & Finance
Office Management

Deck13 Interactive: Production Babies

Production Babies

Deck13 Interactive: Special Thanks

Special Thanks
Special Thanks to our playtesters
Additional Special Thanks
  • The Coffee Machine

Deck13 Interactive: Production Pets

Production Pets
  • Angus
  • Art√©mis
  • Berta
  • Bismarck
  • Bruna
  • Butzz
  • Camilla
  • Chap [The Other Black One]
  • Chris
  • Engelbert
  • Findus
  • Freddy
  • Lilly
  • Lilly & Kitty
  • Link
  • Miro
  • Shira
  • Soju
  • Tobi [The Fat Orange Cat]
  • Trixi
  • Zelda

Focus Entertainment: Executive Board

Chief Executive Officer
Managing Director
Chief Financial Officer
Secretary General

Focus Entertainment: Business

Chief Commercial Officer
Sales Director
Senior Account Manager
International Accounts Managers
Sales Coordinator
Logistics & Manufacturing Manager
Sales Administrator
Sales Administration Coordinator
Manufacturing Manager
Business Developer
Chief of Business Development

Focus Entertainment: Publishing

Chief Content Officer
Publishing Content Manager
Publishing Coordinator

Focus Entertainment: Marketing

Chief Marketing Officer
Chief Creative Officer
Communications Director
Media and Partnerships Director
Advertising Media Buyers
Media & Analytics Manager
Head of Brand Management
Brand Managers
Brand Manager Junior
Brand Manager Corporate
Brand Manager Assistant
Community Managers
Head of Press Relations
Senior Creative Producer
Creative Producers
Graphic Designers
Head of Partnerships & Influencers
Director of Video Department
Head of Cinematic Artists
Senior Cinematic Artists
Cinematic Artists
Head of Data Department
Data Project Manager
Lead Data Engineer
Game Data Analyst
Project Management Director
Head of Trade Marketing
Senior Trade Marketing Manager
Trade Marketing Coordinator
Content Managers

Focus Entertainment: Technical Management

Technical Director

Focus Entertainment: Production

Chief Production Officer
Head of Content
Associate Line Designer
Line Designer
Line Designer Senior
Line Designer Assistant
UX Research Manager
User Experience Researchers
Head of Line Production
Executive Producer
Line Producers
QA Managers
Lead QA
Associate Lead QA
QA Analysts
Additional QA
Head of Release Management
Executive Release Manager
Release Manager Senior
Associate Release Managers

Focus Entertainment: General Secretary

Information Systems Director
Information Systems Security Manager
Senior Technical Support
IT Technicians
Network Systems Administrator
Head of Web Development
Web Developer
Lead Web Developer
Web Developers
Legal Counsel - Business Affairs
Legal Counsel - Data Privacy/Compliance
Legal Counsel

External Partners: Our friends from Keen Games

Compliance Integration

External Partners: ActeZero

Story Consultants

External Partners: MetricMinds GmbH - Mocap Shoot

Mocap Supervisor
Mocap Operators

External Partners: MetricMinds GmbH - Mocap Post Processing

Head of Mocap
Technical Artists
Mocap Artists
Managing Director
Project Controlling
Production Assistant

External Partners: Capsule Studio - Cinematic Trailer

Film Directors
Head of CGI
Production Manager
Motion Capture Studio
  • Mocap Lab
Previsualization Team
  • Les Androids Associ√©s
Supervisor Assembly
Lead Character TD
Lead Character
Lead Animation
Digital Artists Team

External Partners: EC Innovations

Localization Project Managers
French Translators
Italian Translators
German Translators
Spanish Castillian Translators
Spanish Latin America Translators
Portuguese Brazilian Translators
Polish Translators
Russian Translators
Simplified Chinese Translators
Traditional Chinese Translators
Korean Translators
Japanese Translators
Czech Translators

Keywords Studios Los Angeles

Voice Director
Lead Engineer
Recording Engineers
Dialog Editor
Studio Head
Studio Manager
Project Manager
Audio Production Coordinators

Voice Actors

Male Player Character
Female Player Character
Traveling Vendor
Various Roles

External Partners: Opus Artz

Lead Artist
Senior Artists

External Partners: Quantic Lab

CEO & Founder
Head of Business Development
Business Development Associates
Technical Director
Quality Manager
Project Manager
QA Lead Testers
QA Testers
IT Infrastructure Managers

External Partners: Snark Co., Ltd

Project Manager
Art Director
3D Artists

External Partners: Technicolor Games - Management

VP, Business Development
Head of Production
Head of Creative Operations
Account Director

External Partners: Technicolor Games - Art

Art Director
Creative Director
Principal Artist

External Partners: Technicolor Games - Assets

Head of Department
Senior Supervisors
Principal Artists
Lead Artists
Senior Artists
Lead Artist - Rigging

External Partners: Technicolor Games - Animation

Head of Department
Senior Supervisor
Principal Artists
Senior Artists

External Partners: Technicolor Games - Production

Production Managers

External Partners: Virtuos Paris

Lead Gameplay Scripter
Gameplay Scripters
Lead Game Designer
Game Designer
Technical Designer
IT Manager

Additional Support

Story Consultant and Writer
UI Consultant
Additional Quest Design
World Design Consultant


Uses our Fledge Engine
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FMOD Sound System
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  • 2012-2023
  • Copyright ¬© 1998-2023 The OpenSSL Project
  • All rights reserved
  • This product includes cryptographic software written by Eric Young
  • Eric A. Young
  • Tim J. Hudson
  • Tim Hudson
NVIDIA GameWorks‚ĄĘ Technology
  • Provided under license from NVIDIA Corporation
  • Copyright ¬© 2002-2023 NVIDIA Corporation
  • All rights reserved
Uses Simplygon¬ģ
  • ¬© 2023 Microsoft
Uses Recast & Detour for navigation
  • Licensed under zlib license
Uses Cflat
  • Licensed under zlib license
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