The Eidolon

aka: Eidalon, The Dragon Game
Moby ID: 21128

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Commodore 64 credits (1985)

19 people (18 professional roles, 1 thanks) with 24 credits.

Created by the Lucasfilm Games Division
Project Leader Charlie Kellner
Concept Charlie Kellner
Design Charlie Kellner
Programming Charlie Kellner
Graphics Gary Winnick
Sound Douglas Crockford
Disk Programming Douglas Crockford
Graphic Effects Kevin Furry
Commodore 64 version Kevin Furry
Technical assistance provided by Loren Carpenter, David B. Fox, Noah Falstein, Aric Wilmunder, Chip Morningstar, James St. Louis, David Levine, Ron Gilbert
Support Steve Arnold, Mary Paterno, Chris Werner, Jane Mutony
Package illustration Ken Macklin
Special thanks to George Lucas
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