Metroid Prime: Hunters

aka: Metroid Prime: Hunters - First Hunt
Moby ID: 21787

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Tech Specs/Attributes +

Nintendo DS +

Input Devices Supported/Optional:
Multiplayer Game Modes:
Number of Offline Players:
Number of Players: Wireless Multi-Card:
Number of Players: Wireless Single-Card:
Miscellaneous Attributes:
  • 3 save slots

  • Attributes contributed by Freeman, Evil Ryu.

    Ratings +

    Nintendo DS +

    ESRB Rating: (Animated Blood, Game Experience May Change During Online Play, Violence)
    PEGI Rating: (Violence)
    USK Rating:
    CERO Rating:
    ACB Rating:
    FPB Rating: (V)
    KMRB Rating:

    Wii U +

    ESRB Rating: (Animated Blood, Violence)
    PEGI Rating: (Violence)
    USK Rating:

    Ratings contributed by Freeman, Harmony♡, formercontrib, Keeper Garrett, Corn Popper, Yearman, Xoleras, Evil Ryu, Rebound Boy.