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When a villain known only as Mr. Dark appears, trouble brews in Rayman's world. Mr. Dark captures the Toons - source of light and Rayman's friends. With no more light, evil creatures begin to roam, making the world unsafe for everyone. It’s up to you, as Rayman, to free your friends and put an end to Mr. Dark's dastardly schemes!

Rayman is a side-scrolling platformer starring the titular Rayman, a big-nosed chap with no arms or legs. Rayman can jump and use his hair to hover for a short period of time. He can also attack by throwing his fists, or winding up his fists for a more powerful punch. He can occasionally find special power ups that grant him unlimited flying power, giving him the ability to navigate through tricky mazes.


  • レイマン - Japanese spelling
  • 雷曼 - Chinese spelling (simplified)

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Average score: 83% (based on 73 ratings)


Average score: 3.8 out of 5 (based on 158 ratings with 7 reviews)

Pocket gaming at its best!

The Good
Rayman has been a huge accomplishment from Ubisoft. There have been many Rayman games, but this one stands out.

Rayman Advance truly takes the Gameboy Advance and turns it into a real blaster with graphics. RA's bright colours and textures(well...not really textures) really make the game look great.

The level layout was amazing too, as all the levels are reasonably big, and it's fun guiding (the huge) Rayman across them.

Sound was no problem, the music and sound effects are good.

The game plays very well. The controls are quick and responsive, and the controls have been mapped out nicely.

The Bad

The Bottom Line
Rayman delivers a well fulfilled promise of enhanced pocket gaming to it's greatest. I give Rayman Advance a well deserved 5 / 5 .

Game Boy Advance · by ThE oNe (180) · 2002

More colours than your eye can register.

The Good
In the classic console war of PlayStation vs Sega Saturn, the Saturn always came out as having the more vibrant colours and running faster (at least concerning 2D games) – this game is very much the living proof of that. Rayman looks so stunning, it holds up to today’s standards with no sweat. The graphics are simply phenomenal, with a huge colour palette and very nicely done animations (some of which the PlayStation version lacks). The music in Rayman is also very good, being on par with the graphics in what concerns the overall “pretty” look the game has to offer. It has a wonderful array of instruments at its disposal, and the arrangements are lovely. The gameplay is quite adequate for the game type, and the use of newfound powers to overcome obstacles is nicely done. The bosses are also entertaining and varied, which is a plus.

The Bad
There is only one flaw I’d point to this game – the (sometimes) utterly unfair difficulty. Some areas of the game are just plain simply frustrating, to the point of making many-a-gamer to simply give up on the game. My personal advice? Don’t do it – playing the game ends up being a rewarding experience.

The Bottom Line
Rayman is a game that at first glance seems very appealing (and it is), but which also possesses the capability to steer gamers away due to its frustrating difficulty. If you are able to persevere, you will find yourself immersed into a true fairy-tale world, filled with beauty and awe-inspiring sets and music.

SEGA Saturn · by Rik Hideto (467572) · 2014

Rayman, Rayman, Rayman, & RAYMAN!!!

The Good
Fabulous, just fabulous, Rayman is really cute and nice, keeping you away from the really violent games of today, whatever anybody says, this game is not a "kiddie's game", the only thing it does is not get an M or T Rating, the levels are just beautiful, and after playing it shortly, I got addicted, I am now playing the GBA version as a Rom File with the VBA Emulator (oops, don't tell anybody!) Rayman, Rayman, and Rayman, great graphics, great gameplay, great everything!

The Bad
Nothing bad at all, not in the least, well, except the slight difficulty of the GBC/GBA version!

The Bottom Line
Rayman is a great game suitable for ages 3-80, and it is a good challenge for "unbeatable gamers" out there who have finished most of the newest FPS and adventure games.

Windows · by Jim Fun (207) · 2002

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Cancelled Ports

A SEGA 32X port was going to be released, but got cancelled due to the platform's declining popularity. A 3DO version was also planned as well, but cancelled due to technical issues.


Rayman has the record for number of weeks on the UK all-formats top 40 chart with 261 weeks. That's more than five years.


  • Rayman has no joints, he just has a head, body, hands and feet. The reason for this is that it was much easier to animate him that way.
  • The DOS and Windows versions stored the opening and ending animations in a very unusual format: the video is completely separate from the audio. The audio for the animations is on the CD as CD Audio tracks. So in order to watch the intro and ending, a full install of the game is necessary, since a CD-ROM drive can not access data and audio tracks at the same time.


  • Electronic Gaming Monthly
    • September 1995 (Issue 74) - Game of the Month (Playstation version)
  • Game Players
    • 1995 Holiday Edition (Vol.8, No.13) - Best Jaguar Game of the Year

Information also contributed by Big John WV, Kabushi, Qlberts, samsam12 and Satoshi Kunsai.

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