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Time Warriors

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A polygonal 3D fighter, Time Warriors puts eight fighters from eight different times and places against each other: Yrwen the Celt, armed with a long sword, Hysis the Egyptian, wielding two sabers, Molloch the Barbarian with his battle axe, the scimitar-wielding Sultan Iz-Baal, Shodan the Samurai and his katana, from a Chinese monastery Dong brings just a staff, Olof the Viking plans flattening his opponents with a war hammer and Apokles the Spartan brings a double-edged sword.

Gameplay is similar to other games in the same genre - two buttons control the weapon and two other ones kicking, because both come with a "fast" and a "strong" variant. Combos are done with fast key presses or sequential moves, and by taking damage, the fighter gathers magic points that can be used to perform a destructive special attack. Like Virtua Fighter, if a fighter falls from the battle arena, he or she loses from ring out. The usual options such as combat length, number of bouts, difficulty level and auto-block are included.

Graphically, the game can be tweaked to run on several configurations, by disabling more advanced graphic options such as scenario objects, light and real-time shadow calculation and textures.



Credits (DOS version)

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Graphics (Gráficos)
Design (Design)
Programming (Programação)
Project Manager (Gerrente de projeto)
Production (Produção)
Music (Música)
Sound (Som)
Quality Control (Controle de qualidade)
Box cover illustration (Illustração de cobertura de caixa)
Manual (Manual)
Our thanks to (NOSSO agradecimento a)
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