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Luis Silva @wolfen

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I'm a twenty-something year old gamer who was first introduced to the magnificent world of gaming around 1992 with an AtariVCS "Family Game" clone (In fact, you can see one the one that endured until today in the Wikipedia article), after some weeks of drooling in front of a local electronics store, which had usually had a Commodore 64 (or was it a ZX Spectrum? Or a ST? Nevermind now) running Fire Power. Things changed around in 1995 when I got my first "proper" console - a Sega Mega Drive, packed along Fantastic Dizzy + Cosmic Spacehead. In 1997 I was forced to buy a computer, a then fast P166 MMX. My first games were NHL 98 (which I had bought weeks before getting the computer) and FIFA Soccer Manager, and shifted focus to PC games, including developing some coffee-break games between 1998 and 2001.

I've lost touch with consoles in the years that followed until in 2001 emulation (following my introduction to abandonware in late 1999 and the Internet in May 2000) rekindled my interest on the Mega Drive. As by then the 2nd hand market was booming (due to a lot of PSX for MDs trade-ins), I've started to build a collection of games, and right now, most of my games for the platform were acquired after 2002. After that, I bought a Sega Saturn, about 10 years after the initial release. While I expected to build a 20/30 game collection around it in 2006, I got turned off by the number of cds that the machine refuses to read, so I stopped buying them. After that, I've dropped videogames for a while, and turned my attention (and the largest funds) into music, until I've decided to get a Playstation in 2008, and plan getting a PS2 in 2009.

I used to be a lot more active and even be on the approving staff in 2007, when I've took a second small break from games in 2008. I plan on being around a bit more these days, although don't expect me to be as dedicated as I once was.

Unless there's a MobyMusic on the works.