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1602 A.D.

aka: 1602 A.D.: Discover, Build and Rule your Own New World, Anno 1602 A.D., Anno 1602: A la Conquête d'un Nouveau Monde - Version Gold, Anno 1602: Creation of a New World - Gold Edition, Anno 1602: Erschaffung einer neuen Welt - Königs-Edition
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This release combines the original game Anno 1602: Creation of a New World and its German-only add-on Anno 1602: Erschaffung einer neuen Welt - Neue Inseln, Neue Abenteuer.


  • 纪元 1602 - Chinese (simplified) spelling

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Average score: 75% (based on 14 ratings)


Average score: 3.8 out of 5 (based on 26 ratings with 4 reviews)

A poor game and a waste of money.

The Good
Not much. The game has medicore graphics and controls. The concept was cool though.

The Bad
Almost everything. The "combat' subsists of merely THREE units that do the same boring attacks and the same boring phrases everytime you click on them. "Trade" is boring and tedious, with intense micro-management being the name of the game. The fact that the game is incrediblely difficult only makes matters worst. Avoid this game like a land mine.

The Bottom Line
I bought this game for 10 dollars. I should have gotton 11 dollars change. If you see this game, avoid eye contact and walk away.

Windows · by James Kirk (150) · 2003

Beautiful graphics and probably the best music in a game.

The Good
First of all the Music in this game is first rate! I just loved to sit back and listen to the soundtrack (i often let it run while I read or did something else) There is a prebuild screensaver in the game. When you leave the game inactive too long it switches over to a beach setting showing the tide lapping over the sand. With great sound. Perfect for a nice relaxing nap.

Now as for the game itself there were great sound effects mixed with eye-poping graphics. Gameplay is ok, and it had moderate replayability.

The Bad
....Well as much as I loved the music and graphics the game could get boring. Much like Sim City you just get to a point where there was nothing left to do, well at least nothing fun.

Often times I got tired of the griping about how the colonists wanted this or that. No mater how much I gave them it never seemed enough. Plus getting the goods they wanted often seemed like a Herculean task. After a while the game just wasn't fun anymore. So mainly I got my pleasure from the music.

The Bottom Line
Worth your time if you are a micromanager, and enjoy good music. Otherwise don't waste your time unless it is going for under 5 bucks.

Windows · by William Shawn McDonie (1131) · 2001

A great game to start with for managing trade.

The Good
I loved the way it walked you through the training. It gave you a real feeling for the game so when you started playing on your own you knew what you were doing. You feel as though you are living in the year 1602 in a way. You feel like without your decisions that the city or cities you have started will fail. It is a constant battle to keep everything balanced as far as the goods produced, what you import, what you export, and the number of people you support.

You have to watch every minute so that you don't end up with more people than you can keep happy. But by the same token you have to watch and make sure you don't have too many jobs and not enough people.

The Bad
I felt the graphics were a little rough. But then at the time the game was written that was the way most graphic were.

The Bottom Line
A good way to start playing simulation games. It take you through step by step so once you start playing you know what you're doing. This game keeps your mind thinking all the time even when you don't get into battles.

Windows · by Jaelee (1) · 2008

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Pending correction Patrick Bregger (297448) Jun 11, 2011


0 A.D

The independent freeware title 0 A.D was inspired by 1602 A.D.


There is a screensaver that will activate if you leave the game inactive for too long. It shows a beach with a hammock and the tide coming in. Also the sound of the tide is in the background. It was bug-pestered: the game would continue to run even when the screensaver was active - you would go to dinner, thinking everything was fine, coming back, moving the mouse and - getting the "game over" video. All in all, it really took some patches to make this game work properly. Being able to build on water was only one thing...

Additional information contributed by Aaron A. and phlux.


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