Mob Rule

aka: Constructor 2, Constructor: Street Wars - Guerra nas Ruas, Constructors: Street Wars, Mob Rule Classic, Street Wars: Constructor Underworld
Moby ID: 2403

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Windows credits (1999)

50 people (46 professional roles, 4 thanks) with 56 credits.

The Studio 3 team

The Don Mark Cale
The Godfather John Twiddy
Chief Forgers Phil Thornton, Joe Walker, Nick Lovibond
Consigliere Tim Best
Mastermind Phil Thornton
Scams John Twiddy, Tim Best
Piano Player Martin Oliver
Mouth Organ Jason Serrano
Squealers G. V. Long, Bailey Harper, Martin Oliver
Associates Nick Steadman, Nick Lee, Jason Serrano, Robin Levy, Matthew Risley, Attlee Baptiste
Molls Anita, Beth, Cleeta, Lin

The Simon and Schuster team

Executive Producer Peter von Schlossberg (Vice President and Director of Marketing - Business Development)
Publisher Gilles Dana (Senior Vice President - New Media)
Vice President/Director of Marketing/Sales Walter W. J. Walker
Vice President/Creative Director Jeffrey M. Siegel
Producer Lea Rekow
Publicity Director Peter Binazeski
Business Manager John Crowe
Art Director Susan Daulton

Macmillan Digital Publishing

President Douglas S. Bennett

The Infogrames Team

Undercover Eddie Edmondson (The Muscleman)
The Limey Jim Murdoch
Informants Nick Evans (The Grandfather), Jonathan Dale, Stuart Arrowsmith, Marc Bowden, Lee Cummins, Steve Almond, John Jennings, Richard Brooks, John Brooks, Ryan Wooldridge, Kelvin Cannon-Brown, Tim Marrett, Anthony McGarry, Simon Crawford, Steve Aspinall
Moll Heike Walther
Moonshiner Frank Holz (The Panther)
Bodyguard Detlef Richter (The Finger Breaker)
Gofer Jan Thomas
Uses Smacker Video Technology by RAD Game Tools Inc.
Uses Miles Sound System by RAD Game Tools Inc.
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Credits contributed by Terrence Bosky, formercontrib.