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Color Meteoroids

aka: Meteoroids, Meteors, Microbes


Meteoroids is another Asteroids clone. You fly your spaceship around a screen filled with asteroids, and shoot them into smaller and smaller pieces until they are destroyed. If you get in trouble, you can hit the emergency teleport button and end up somewhere else on the screen.

What makes Meteoroids deviate from the norm is its control system. Instead of the usual Asteroids system, where you turn your ship around its axis and accelerate by pressing forward, this game uses two analogue joysticks. The first joystick simply pushes the ship in whichever direction you push the joystick. Since the control is analogue, you have a fair amount of fine control over both thrust and direction. The second joystick controls the direction of your cannon in a similar fashion. This poses a new challenge to Asteroids fans.

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In the fall of 1982, Tandy published the game as a TRS-80 CoCo ROM cartridge labeled Microbes, with no visible change from Meteoroids for the Dragon, except the title screen. The packaging and manual, however, rigorously translate the space premise to a medical one: asteroids are microbes, flying saucers are "X-Factors," and your ship is a "Disinfector," miniaturized and inserted into the blood stream through the miracles of modern medicine. The Disinfector shoots antibiotics, while the X-Factors shoot antibodies. Hyperspace works the same, except in Microbes it's called invisibility, even as the manual acknowledges the side-effect of random relocation.

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