Scarface: The World Is Yours

aka: Scarface: Człowiek z Blizną
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Miami in the '80s: gangs, drugs and hookers dominate the scene and a Cuban called Tony Montana rises up to be the most powerful drug dealer, controlling the whole of Miami. This is the story of the 1983 movie Scarface in which Tony Montana dies during a attack from a rival gang on his mansion at the end. The game now puts the player in the shoes of Tony a few moments before the gang hits his office.

After he successfully defends his mansion, his empire lies in ruins. But Tony wouldn't be Tony Montana if he would just give up, so it is the player's goal to reclaim Miami once again. To do so, he has to earn money and respect. The only way to earn money in Miami is to deal drugs. At the beginning the stuff is bought in small amounts and personally sold to the dealers. Eventually, however, Tony can set up so-called "Fronts" which are legitimate shops (like a car seller) in which drugs are sold in very large amounts. By overtaking "Fronts", Tony also increases his control over the current district of Miami. To completely overtake one part of town, all the enemy gangs scattered around in small groups must be eliminated.

After a deal, Tony has to launder the money at the local bank and have it transferred to his account. He then can buy "exotics" for his mansion like an expensive vase or a new car with a driver.

When talking with a dealer or trying to get cop heat down, the player has to play a mini-game that determines if Tony is successful and if so, how much he gets for the drugs or how much heat he loses.

Respect is earned by increasing Tony's territory, buying exotics and earning "balls" in fights and while driving. The enemies have different target zones which give a different amount of balls on a hit. This also fills up Tony's 'ball-meter". Once this is full he can enter a kind of god mode in which he is invulnerable and has unlimited ammo. Tony also gets health when killing someone in this mode. If he is driving a car he gets balls when making stunts like driving on the wrong side of the road or dodging an incoming car.

As in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, the player is free to roam the city of Miami and there are also some side-missions with racing events.

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Average score: 72% (based on 46 ratings)


Average score: 3.7 out of 5 (based on 49 ratings with 2 reviews)

This game is the best game I ever played

The Good
This game is better than I thought. The control works very well and the gameplay is awesome. I love to hear Tony yell curse words at the enemies and peoples. There are some features that GTA doesn't have. That's make the game a bit more real.

The Bad
Unimpressive graphics and explosion. I cannot kill innocent people until I hired other henchmen.

The Bottom Line
If you like a game that full of actions and full of curse words, then I think this is a game for you guys.

Xbox · by David nghiem (1) · 2009

The World Is Yours

The Good
Some maybe quick to dismiss Scarface as a Grand Theft Auto with Tony Montana and they would be wrong. Scarface focuses on different aspects from Grand Theft Auto and as a result it becomes a different game.

Scarface's best quality is its Empire Builder scheme. After being attacked at your mansion, your empire was divided among the rival gangs of Miami and you (as Tony Montana) must get it all back. Every mission involves getting back your turf and increasing your reputation as the biggest dog in the yard. You will find local gangs and eliminate them, buy fronts for your empire, go to the islands to buy kilos of drugs, and buy cars to distribute them to your fronts.

The combat aspect of the game is very interesting. By using the auto aim feature you can quickly scroll up to an enemy's head for a quick head shot. After killing an enemy you can taunt him to fill up your rage meter. When you fill up your Rage meter you can enter a first person Blind Rage mode where you become invincible and destroy any enemy with one hit (which also refills your health). There are a nice variety of weapons to choose from including Hand Guns, Machine Guns, Rocket Launchers, and the dreaded Chainsaw.

For fans of the original movie, The World Is Yours features many great perks. Al Pacino gave his face (although not his voice, but its not a complete loss) for the game, all of the iconic locations are included (the Babylon Club, the Sun Ray Hotel, Sosa's Pavilion, Tony's Mansion, and Even Lopez Motors, although its been renamed Diaz Motors), and nearly every character is referenced from the first movie.

Scarface also has loads of replay value thanks to the Exotics Catalogue. In it you can buy new skins for your Mansion and buy neat items to fill it with. You can also buy new cars and boats, all of which can be summoned by a simple phone call (a much more convenient alternative to stealing cars). You can purchase henchmen to protect your fronts, and do special missions for you (the Enforcer kills rival gangs, the Driver can steal cars to send to chop shops, and the Assassin takes down important rival gang members).

The drug dealing mini games are also really cool. Whenever you have some drugs you can go up to a dealer and sell them to him. When this happens a little circle comes up and then you have to hold down the Circle Button then let go before it goes all the way around. If you do it right you will end selling your product for a better value. This mini game is also used to fast talk cops and negotiate Bank Percentages when laundering your money.

The Bad
Scarface's biggest problem is its difficulty. Players will die many times trying to attack rival gangs and during story missions, mostly due to bad guys who can takes more bullets then a tank. Filling the rage meter is very hard to do in the heat of battle, since taunting a dead enemy leaves you defenseless (and its impossible to find cover most of the time). Sometimes in drug deals the meter will not stop at quiet the right time and as a result Players may end up getting shot by a mad dealer. During Distribution Missions, when on one side of Miami a front on the other side of (the very large) town can be attacked.

Cars in Scarface are so flimsy they might as well be made of basal wood. Many times you can't get away from gangs who are driving after you and when you try to shoot at them several strong weapons don't work within the car (such as the giant machine gun and the rocket launchers), making enemy cars much harder to destroy. Hitting on coming traffic may not do immediate damage to your car but it will build up fast. The weak cars (armored cars have little to no speed) become a big problem when you do distribution missions because rival gangs will attack you every other minute and can destroy your car (this can mean the loss of millions of dollars).

The Bottom Line
Scarface's difficulty can sometimes make it unplayable but if you use cheat codes it becomes a lot more easier (its still difficult even with life refills) and thus the game can be much more enjoyable. Its one of those "just one more mission" games where you keep thinking you'll stop playing but you end up going on for another 4 more hours. Once you beat the game, Miami becomes your own personal world and then you can start raking in the big money. Simply put it, Scarface is one heck of a title and must have for Empire builders and fans (and non fans) of the cult classic of the 1980's.

PlayStation 2 · by Lawnmower Man (137) · 2008


German version

There are a few changes in the German version: * The blood effects were heavily reduced and the gore effects completely removed. * In the original version, the game displays where the player has hit the enemy, e.g. an arm. This was removed. * The chainsaw and one associated level were completely removed.

A detailed list of changes can be found on (German).


  • 4Players
    • 2006 – #3 Best Licensed Game of the Year


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