Egypt 1156 B.C.: Tomb of the Pharaoh

aka: Das Grab des Pharao, Egipto 1156 a.C.: La Tumba del Faraon, Egypt 1156 a.C.: L'Enigma della Tomba Reale, Egypte 1156 av. J.-C.: L'énigme de la tombe royale, Egypte 1156 voor Christus: Het raadsel van de koninklijke tombe, Egypten: 1156 f.Kr. Faraos Hemlighet
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A number of games allow you to search the tombs of ancient Egypt, but few allow you to do so IN ancient Egypt. Taking place (appropriately enough) in 1156 B.C., you play Ramose, a young Egyptian man who hopes to prove himself a worthy investigator for the current rulers of Egypt. Your first assignment is not an easy one, as a Tomb of Sethi I, a pharaoh has been desecrated and looted and your own father has been accused of the crime. You have three days to prove his innocence and stay the sentence of execution.

Gameplay takes place in a first person mode similar to fans of this kind of adventure game. Unlike some games that give you a static, unmoving image to look at, Egypt 1156 B.C. allows you to look around at any location in a smooth turn (similar to QuickTime VR, but with better results). This gives you a 'you are there' feel that many other games lack. All graphics are 3-D rendered and occassionally actions will give you a third person cutscene as a reward. Communication is through a simple branch tree and both talking and puzzle solving involves the manipulation of objects, both in and out of your inventory.

In addition to being a mystery/adventure game, Egypt 1156 B.C. also comes with reference material about ancient Egypt, its people, and its culture. These are available whenever you discover something interesting in the middle of the game or can be accessed via the main menu.

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Average score: 64% (based on 26 ratings)


Average score: 2.8 out of 5 (based on 12 ratings with 1 reviews)

Alot not to like about this game

The Good
It is interesting to raid real Egyptian tombs, examine hieroglyphic drawings, open sarcophagi and find precious artifacts. Historical content contains alot about Egypt and the background of objects and places.

You will visit five locations: a pyramid, an Egyptian town, an embalmer's workshop, the construction site of a nobleman's tomb, a nobleman's house and the Temple of Amon Ra.

The Bad
There are no true puzzles to be solved other than to find one thing to do another. There are some hidden compartment and exits to be found as well as a few maze-like passages to be travelled. You'll need to solve a few word and item riddles too. The only real challenge is during the game of Senet, an Egyptian board game using tiles and markers similar to Backgammon.

If you miss finding an important "hot spot", tough. You cannot go back to locate it and must restore or restart.

Many of the scenes are really too dark so you can't see what could have been beautiful Egyptian drawings. The music becomes annoyingly repetitive as you get further into the game. Conversations with choppy-featured people with their monotone voices detracted from the game tremendously. None of them had any distinct personality, not even the main character.

The Bottom Line
Egypt, supposedly similar to other Cryo titles Treasure Hunter and Versailles 1685, was disappointing overall, the only saving factors being the Egyptian architecture and history. Lack of engaging storyline and character development can cause players to lose interest. Many areas are too dark to be fully enjoyed.

Windows · by Jeanne (75975) · 2001


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