Red Dog: Superior Firepower

Moby ID: 28692

Dreamcast credits (2000)

35 people (32 professional roles, 3 thanks) with 36 credits.


Art Team David Hego, Dave Lowry, David Taylor, Jean-François Vanelle, Juan Garcia, Leon Brazil, Melanie Amadi, Suzanne Cole
Animation Dave Lowry
Programming Team Matt Godbolt, Matthew Porter, Saviz Izadpanah
Audio Manager Justin Scharvona
Audio Engineers Adam Fothergill, Karin Griffin
Testing Lead Jake Fearnside
Additional Test Carl Ross
Designer Mark Stephenson
Lead Designer Sefton Hill
Producer Nick Clarke
Executive Producer Jez San, Keith Robinson

Sega Europe

Director of Product Development Naohiko Hoshino
Producer Matt O'Driscoll
Test Manager Jason Cumberbatch
Lead Tester Ronnie Jackson
Localisation Co-ordinator Roberto Párraga-Sánchez
Localisation Team Angelika Michitsch, Dave Thompson
Senior Design Paul Jerem
Manual Localisation coordinator Sarah Ward
Marketing Director Giles Thomas
Product Marketing Manager Jim Pride
Special Thanks: Kazutoshi Miyake, Jean-Francois Cecillon, Jason Kuo
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Credits contributed by Matt Godbolt.