Croc: Legend of the Gobbos

aka: Croc! Pau-Pau Island, Croc: A Lenda de Gobbos
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Croc: Legend of the Gobbos is a 3D platform game where you play as a crocodile.

Small hairy creatures called Gobbos live peacefully on an island until one day they see a basket drifting in the water. After pulling it ashore they find a baby crocodile inside it. The Gobbos raise him as their own until he is three times their size. The game starts with the island being attacked by the evil Baron Dante and his minions. They capture most of the Gobbos, but the crocodile manages to escape. Now you need to rescue the Gobbos and fight Baron Dante and his minions.

As you make progress you visit several islands with different themes like a forest, snow, desert or castles. Along the way you have to collect crystals (which serve as health), rescue Gobbos and defeat enemies and bosses. You can attack enemies with your tail, destroy crates with a jump down attack and, in some stages, it is possible to swim. Secret stages and a secret island can be unlocked if all Gobbos are rescued and all jigsaw pieces in the secret stages are collected.


  • Крок: Легенда гоббосов - Russian spelling
  • クロック!パウパウアイランド - Japanese spelling

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Executive Producer
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Ph.D. in Gobbology
Opening and Ending Movie Narration
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Average score: 77% (based on 36 ratings)


Average score: 3.5 out of 5 (based on 66 ratings with 4 reviews)

This is a hard but fun game.

The Good
I love this game as much as Croc 2! Cute characters, cool badguys, and extremely hard levels. I'm currently stuck on level 3-4 sand and freedom.

The Bad
What I don't like about this game is that the higher levels are really hard.

The Bottom Line
I recommend this game--- it keeps you playing for a long time. Enjoy!

Windows · by Xenetreous (23) · 2007

It's in 3d and you jump on many platforms, how about that!

The Good
Colorful setting, cute character designs, great music. The environments are nice on the eyes and many of the levels have hidden secrets. The Sonic style "as long as you keep picking up one gem you stay alive" system makes this game more forgiving in the difficult parts. The instant 'turn around' button is a life saver. Collecting the colored gems/gobbos is satisfyingly. Lots of variety in level arrangements despite the simple building blocks. Straightforward game progression, lasts about as long as it need to.

The Bad
Platforming sections become more unreasonable the further you get into the game. Much backtracking is required for a good chunk of levels. The 'bonus rooms' at the end of each level become far less creative once you get to world 3. The boss fights tend to be unclear (i.e. when is the boss vulnerable?). Huge difficulty spike in the 3rd world. Massive overuse of monkey bar climbing (very slow). Controls are hit or miss (jumping off jellies is finicky). Respawning enemies are annoying, some projectile attacks require tight precision to avoid, but feel more frustrating than challenging. Being able to game over in the bonus rooms is dumb, makes 100%ing the game less enticing.

The Bottom Line
Looks great, has some iffy design choices here and there with some odd controls, but when it works, it works.

PlayStation · by capes everywhere (1) · 2023

3D Platformer

The Good
Croc is a wonderful true 3D platformer. The gameplay was tuned, the environments beautiful, the music deep, and generally, it was a great game that easily went platinum in both North America and Europe. The depth and details of the gameplay and the progression of difficulty were what set it apart from the other 3D platform games. The fourth island was particularly imaginative.

The Bad
In retrospect, the graphics appear limited but at that time on the Playstation, they were spectacular.

The Bottom Line
Great 3D platformer. Like the best of this genre, its aimed at younger kids but has the gameplay and depth to appeal to everyone.

Windows · by John Edelson (3) · 2004

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Due to a bug in the game, several textures, including Croc's head would not load and were missing in the original UK release on Saturn. (information indicates any other version with this issue was recalled and fixed). There was a yellow piece of paper that was quickly bundled into the games case explaining to the gamer how to solve the problem: The solution being to start the Sega Saturn without a disc until the CD Player interface shows up and THEN to insert the Croc game disc and start the game.


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