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Cosmic Conflict!

aka: Battaglie Spaziali, Conflit Cosmique!, Conflito Cósmico!, Cosmos+ , Guerra Espacial, Guerre de l'Espace, Krieg im Weltall, Rumkrig, Rymdkrig

[ All ] [ Odyssey 2 ] [ Videopac+ G7400 ]

Critic Reviews 46% add missing review

JoyStik (5 out of 10) (50%)

Cosmic Conflict offers little challenge to all but the least experienced players. As the commander of the Star Fighter Centurion, you must track and destroy 15 slow-moving enemy ships. An easily conquered game, unless you constantly fire at nothing.

Dec 1982 · Odyssey 2 · read review

Video Game Critic, The (C-) (42%)

Whenever you complete the game, it displays this text: "Message from commander: Enemies retreating". I was thinking, "that's IT?" My first instinct was to raise the skill level, but believe it or not, there's only one! In fairness, Cosmic Conflict was released long before all of those sophisticated Star Raider clones emerged. It isn't a bad game, but it's definitely shallow and leaves you wanting more.

Mar 26th, 2005 · Odyssey 2 · read review

Video N/A

COSMIC CONFLICT is a classic space battle that brings the flavor of Star Wars to the home screen.

Jan 1980 · Odyssey 2 · read review

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