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Jurassic Park

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A game based on the hit movie Jurassic Park.

The game starts just after the T-Rex pushes the visitor's van into it's pit. You play the role of Dr. Alan Grant, so you have to find Tim and Lex, take them to the Visitor's center and get everybody out of the island. But this time it won't be half as easy as it was on the movie.

The game is split in two missions, played in two different ways. The first mission is to take Tim and Lex back to their grandfather and is (almost exclusively) played from a top-down perspective. The second mission involves getting the power back on line and returning alive, so everybody can leave the island and is played like a FPS (First Person Shooter).


  • פארק היורה - Hebrew spelling

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Average score: 76% (based on 23 ratings)


Average score: 3.3 out of 5 (based on 23 ratings with 2 reviews)

A great all round game that mixes the thought provoking fun of an RPG with the great gameplay and fun of Doom.

The Good
This game has it all, you start out playing the game like it is a RPG but as you progress you will find it also throws in the mix of a 1st person shooter. The game starts just after the T-Rex has pushed the car off the road. You are Dr Alan Grant and you have to find Tim and Lex and lead them to the visitors center all the while fighting of dinosaurs that come at you. The part of the game where you get chased by the T-Rex and have to throw flares in order to distract him is absolutely brilliant. I loved this game and I believe you will too.

The Bad
The movement is a little sluggish and the game can get very annoying especially because the game has no save game option, only passwords that will put u back at the start of the level you were on. This means no matter how close you were to completing the level, if u die, u start right back at the start of the level again, and believe me, some of the levels can take a pretty long time to complete.

The Bottom Line
If your an RPG lover, you will love this game. It has all the qualities of a RPG with a little first person shooter action thrown in, just for a bit of variation. If u like Jurassic Park then i seriously think you should consider buying this game.

DOS · by Ciaran McNally (2) · 2001

A unique hybrid classic that unfortunately vanished into oblivion.

The Good
Graphics in this game are top-notch, perhaps the best ever done by Ocean. The Levels are a very well-designed and highly playable. Most of them are viewed from the top-down perspective and the game plays like a shooter with a few puzzles thrown in. The music is haunting and highly atmospheric, but only plays during the intro. In the rest of the game, we hear only gun shots and dino crys. The dino cries are well-done and scary, especially the Velociraptor cries. The plot and the level design of the game is roughly based on the movie. Even all the characters from the movie appear in the last level of the game! Most of the dinosaurs were taken from the movie, with some additional ones. The mighty Tyrannosaurus rex (T. rex) also makes an appearance in one level chasing Grant (throwing the sticks of dynamite at him is the only way to slow him down). Other boss dinos like a Pterodactyl and a Triceratops also make an appearance. The weapons that include a shootgun and an electric gun are effective and a whole lot of fun.

The Bad
Well, I love this game, but there are some complaints. Such as, it can be too difficult at times. The levels get increasingly very hard, so newbies will have a difficult time. Another complaint is that the game does not allow saving. Using the passwords provided at the end of each level is the only way to progress. On top of that, there are limited lives and Grant dies very quickly due to the constant dino attacks. So, obviously I had to play some difficult levels over and over, which can get frustrating. Another minor complaint is that too many keys are needed to play this game and they have an odd configuration. Strangely, the controls configuration can only be done during the installation, so once the game is installed, there is no way to change it.

The Bottom Line
It's basically a top-down/3D arcade shooter and it reminded me of Chaos engine. So, arcade fans will love it. In the first few levels, the player is supposed to search for the two kids, while shooting the nasty dinos and in the later part, Dr. Grant (our character) enters the compound to switch on the electricity in order to prevent the dinos from escaping (just like in the movie). How many games do you know that have both top-down and 3D levels? Not many, right? This is the reason why I said it's a unique, hybrid game. When Grant finally switches on the electricity in the compound, the previously dark and deadly corridors (filled with velociraptors) light up brilliantly, a sight to behold! Great lighting effects indeed. In the final and awfully difficult tunnel levels, Grant even uses a night vision device to find his way in the dark tunnels infested with velociraptors!

DOS · by Roger Wilco (1144) · 2001


Differences to the movie

Story elements were lengthened and beefed up by adding many elements from the original novel that did not appear in the film.


The level passwords (for replaying a level) were usually different (probably random) each time a new game was started. The player could see these on the screen briefly after the completion of a level.

Information also contributed by Vance


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