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Julian Holtom

aka: Julian Holton, Jules Holtom, Jolly
Moby ID: 31802

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Ratpack -Spectrum Zone Warrior -spectrum, Atari St Suspicious Cargo - Atari St Viking Child - Atari Lynx Fiendish Freddy's Big Top Of Fun - Spectrum Nightbreed - C64 Humans 1,2&3 Atari St, PC Daemonsgate - PC Ragnarok - PC Jurassic Park - PC Central Intelligence - PC Dennis - Snes HMS Carnage - PC Martian Gothic - PC, PSX

A BRIEF HISTORY I've been in the games industry for 14 years now. When I first started I was doing character graphics for the spectrum and with the great leaps forward being made in technology I was soon working in glorious colour albeit 16 of them at first, and then along came a kaleidoscopic revolution in the form of the Atari ST and the good old Amiga when the colour palette on offer went soaring through the roof to a staggering 256. During this time I worked for Imagitec which went on to become Dreamweavers. I served my time there for 5 years where I learned the basics of my craft before venturing further a field. My next employer was the once glorious Ocean, one of Britain's flagship developers and publishing houses. It was here that I first developed my 3D skills. During my time there, one of the many projects I was involved in was the huge HMS Carnage. It required no less than 48 minutes of film quality FMV. We managed to do this with a small team of 3 people working full time and one part time. Unfortunately when Infogrames acquired the company they decided to shelf the project. So off I went in search of new work.

I then found myself working for a small company called Creative Reality in Harrogate for the next two years, all but single handedly completing a project called Martian Gothic. It was similar in visual content to Resident Evil. Unfortunately funds ran low toward the end of the project which leads me to my current position.

I now work for Team 17, and I'm working on one of their prestigious Worm branded products. Quite a departure from the style of work I had become accustomed to over the last few years. However my versatility and team skills have shone through and I'm lead on my project. I hope to be able to add a new gallery of this work as soon as the project goes public.

Credited on 11 games

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Worms: Battle Islands (2010, Wii) Art
Worms: A Space Oddity (2008, Wii) FMV Art
Lemmings (2006, PlayStation 3) Artists
Army Men: Major Malfunction (2006, Xbox) Lead Artist
Worms Forts: Under Siege (2004, PlayStation 2) Lead Artist
Martian Gothic: Unification (2000, Windows) Backgrounds
King's Table: The Legend of Ragnarok (1993, DOS) Artwork
Jurassic Park (1993, Amiga) Backgrounds
The Humans: Insult to Injury (1992, DOS) Additional Artwork
The Humans (1992, DOS) Additional Art
Suspicious Cargo (1991, Amiga) Art by

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