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No limits, no rules, no roads.

The Good
First of all: this is not a simulation. This game will have no appeal to those people looking for a realistic driving experience. However, if you're looking for a fun action game to play with your colleagues when you got 10 minutes left over on your lunchbreak, this is the one.

Through the use of a wealth of game modes and a broad range of vehicles (from buggies to heave trucks) this game has a lot of replay value. You will be coming back to the game again and again.

The Bad
The single player experience might be a little "thin", only buy this game if you have cheap access to Internet.

The Bottom Line
Don't expect a simulation, do expect a lot of action-packed racing and crashing .

Windows · by Peter (37) · 2001

Lots of multiplayer fun

The Good
I love this game for the multiplayer aspects. I can sit down on my local network with a bunch of friends on game night and play this. Realistic race sims don't work as well because not everyone is hard core, or has the patience to learn to play those games well, but this game can be played by ANYONE and have fun doing it.

The Bad
Some driver issues. Particularly troublesome getting the joystick to work. If you install too many maps and/or cars (www.insaneheat.com), you run out of memory in the game (not on your PC). This is just poor programming and should be fixed.

The Bottom Line
Good graphics with great, easy multiplayer fun.

Windows · by Wesley Wexell (1) · 2003

good for a laugh

The Good
This game has great gameplay-I could play it for a good few hours, and then come back to it again in a few minutes. The graphics are pretty good, and the different places offer a good variety. Lots of fun cars too.

The Bad
I would have liked a non-network multiplayer game (ie split-screen) and the computer AI could be better.

The Bottom Line
As a fun racing game, it's better than micro-machines, but isn't quite as realistic as Colin Mcrae (nor as challenging).

Windows · by David Lenten (1) · 2002

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