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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulations

aka: Gyakuten Saiban 3

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Phoenix Wright returns in the third game in the Ace Attorney series. However, Phoenix is not the only lawyer that you'll be guiding, as you dig through the evidence to find the truth to free your clients. Players will tackle five new cases as they encounter familiar faces and new ones in their search for justice.

Trials and Tribulations is a courtroom adventure game. Players encounter two different types of phases as they play through the game — one takes place in the courtroom, where players directly interrogate subjects and try to disprove their lies with the evidence they have; the other takes place on the field, where Phoenix talks to people and examines locations to search for clues that may help his client's case.

As in Justice For All, players will have to sometimes break open people's "Psyche Locks", which cover a person when they have something that they really don't want to reveal to Phoenix. Depending on the importance of the secret, more locks will cover the person, and can only be unlocked by presenting the correct evidence. And as in the previous DS versions of the game, players can use the stylus to select menus and evidence, as well as use the microphone to shout out "OBJECTION!" and "HOLD IT!" when they want to present evidence.


  • 逆転裁判 3 - Japanese spelling

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Credits (Game Boy Advance version)

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Planning (企画)
Scenario (脚本)
Direction (監督)
Graphics Design (デザイン・原画)
Graphics Lead (グラフィック・チーフ)
Graphics (グラフィック)
Main Program (メインプログラム)
Program (プログラム)
Music (音楽)
Sound (サウンド)
Production Cooperation (製作協力)
Phoenix Wright (成歩堂 龍一)
Miles Edgeworth (御剣 怜侍)
Mia Fey (綾里 千尋)
Godot (ゴドー)
Franziska von Karma (狩魔 冥)
Winston Payne (亜内 武文)
Producer (プロデュース)
Executive Producer (製作総指揮)
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European release

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulations' European release was delayed due to the PEGI 12+ not being confirmed. It wasn't released in Europe until October 3, 2008 instead of March 21, 2008.

It's worth noting that Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, the fourth game in the series, was therefore released before this one.


  • GameSpy
    • 2007 – #5 Nintendo DS Game of the Year

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