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Action 52

aka: A52
Moby ID: 30966
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Action 52 features 52 different games in a single cartridge. Some of them are the same as those included with the identically entitled NES compilation, though most are unique to this release. The games are selected from a colored menu and are mostly side scrolling, platform or shooter action games. Each game is written in one color, yellow meaning "expert", purple "intermediate", green "beginner", blue "two players" and white "special". The games included are:

  1. Go Bonkers
  2. Darksyne
  3. Dyno Tennis
  4. Ooze
  5. Star Ball
  6. Sidewinder
  7. Daytona
  8. 15 Puzzle
  9. Sketch
  10. Star Duel
  11. Haunted Hills
  12. Alfredo
  13. The Cheetahmen
  14. Skirmish
  15. Depth Charge
  16. Minds Eye
  17. Alien Attack
  18. Billy Bob
  19. Sharks
  20. Knockout
  21. Intruder
  22. Echo
  23. Freeway
  24. Mousetrap
  25. Ninja
  26. Slalom
  27. Dauntless
  28. Force One
  29. Spidey
  30. Appleseed
  31. Skater
  32. Sunday Drive
  33. Star Evil
  34. Air Command
  35. Shootout
  36. Bombs Away
  37. Speedboat
  38. Dedant
  39. G Fighter
  40. Man At Arms
  41. Norman
  42. Armor Battle
  43. Magic Bean
  44. Apache
  45. Paratrooper
  46. Sky Avenger
  47. Sharpshooter
  48. Meteor
  49. Black Hole
  50. The Boss
  51. First Video Game (Pong)
  52. Challenge (the most difficult levels of each previous game)

The game also offers a music demo screen and a randomizer, which picks a game at random.

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Average score: 30% (based on 2 ratings)


Average score: 1.5 out of 5 (based on 30 ratings with 5 reviews)

My review of the Genesis/Mega Drive version of Action 52

The Good
This is much better than the NES version!

The Bad
It may be cheaper than the NES version, but it's still a bit expensive, as the price is a big amount of $80!

The Bottom Line
You should get this version of Action 52 instead of the NES version.

Genesis · by OmegaPC777 (8238) · 2016

No, not the genesis!

The Good
First of all, as the game title states as obvious, there are 52 different games crammed into one single cartridge. Now you're probably asking yourselves,"How can anyone go wrong with 52 games in one" well, guess what. They got it completely wrong! Now, I'll admit that Action 52 does have a few decent games compared to the last failure. Now to be honest, I never got the Action 52 for the NES, because I believed that genesis was the top at it's time. Anyway this game does have "Bonkers" and it is actually the best game I played on Action 52 . The only problem here, it gets really boring after a while and so do the other games that actually work on this thing. Oh and the graphics have been slightly improved due to the fact this is a game on the Genesis and you'd expect a genesis game to have more complex graphics compared to the NES.

The Bad
Well, practically everything in this game is bad, they didn't fix any bugs or glitches in this game. The games are hardly playable and also, the music. It sounds like it was created by a moronic dj. I mean, it's nowhere near playable and yet, there are 52 broken and terrible games that don't work. And also, when you land onto something, you make this very strange noise (can't describe it, sorry). You can't jump while shooting and you fall like a rock. Also, whenever you're about to start any game, you hear an annoying voice saying "level one". And you know what? That voice is going to repeat every single time you lose and when you choose to submit yourself to any other game.

The Bottom Line
It's not playable or enjoyable, but it is better than the one on the NES, I think. The only thing that is the best about this game is either the menu screen or the game "bonkers". And I'm not playing Action 52 for the Genesis ever again. This is a perfect example why you have to check out the reviews of a game you want before you want it in stores!

Genesis · by Arejarn (7353) · 2008

Probably the best action 52 review you'll ever read

The Good
Little. SOME games were sort of fun...in a bad kind of way. The main 'good' point about the game is it isn't as bad as the NES version. The graphics (although they look like they've been drawn on Microsoft paint) are more professional and at least and there aren't about 10000000000000000000000000000 glitches. The music and sound is nothing terrible. Although it is weird when a little red pool ball hits a brick it says "OUCHHH!!!".

The Bad
Some of the games seem unfinished, and some, seem to have had more effort put into them than others (E.G. Cheetahmen, Skirmish) . Many games are cheap knock offs of classic games (like 'Sidewinder' is an 'after burner' rip-off) and others just Like 'Bonkers' just don't work at all. Shoddy concepts!! When playing with a Mega drive joypad, half the games seem unplayable as well. There are many complaints i have about this pile of poo...so many i can't fit half of them on the page. Some include: Shoddy animation Poor sprites and also, half the games are the same with the sprites replaced.

The Bottom Line
Well...this game is so terrible, so awful, so stinky...it's good. If you want a laugh, buy this and have a cackle at how rubbish it is. Really. It's so bad, it's entertaining. This is AWFUL.

Genesis · by james bright (4) · 2007

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