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In this installment of the Test Drive series, you get to burn rubber in 28 vehicles from both recent and classic eras, including the classic Ford Mustang, Aston Martin Vantage, and more. You will be doing some wild jumps and having some big contact in these.

Race against other cars in 17 locations ranging from Russia to Hawaii. To further challenge you, they include shortcuts and alternate pathways, as well as police, variable weather effects and civilian cars. A heavy rock soundtrack spurs you on.


  • 试验驾驶5 - Chinese spelling (simplified)

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Average score: 72% (based on 29 ratings)


Average score: 3.2 out of 5 (based on 21 ratings with 3 reviews)

All gloss and no guts makes TD5 a dull boy.

The Good
The graphics are quite fast, and rendered well. The environment mapping on the cars is a nice touch, and it switches from location to location (see screenshots for a shot under a bridge).

The soundtrack is good, with real music from real artists.

The Bad
Oh lord, where do I begin?

  • Bugs, bugs, bugs. When you hit another car hard enough, you abruptly start rotating in mid-air around the same two axises for about 3 revolutions, then suddenly you're back on the road again. There's environment mapping on the inside of cars (like the Aston Martin). The game will not quit--you have to kill the game by alt-tabbing out of it. Selecting "Music Test" locks the game. And so on...
  • There is no convincing sense of speed.
  • The automatic shifting shifts way too fast, so you are automatically left in the dust from the get go.
  • The handling of any car is terrible--it feels like a boat. The keyboard and gamepads give you better control than that of analog joysticks and driving wheels, which says it all, I think.
  • The user interface requires you to double-click on single-click buttons.

This has to be the most annoying thing I've ever worked with.

The Bottom Line
Avoid it. It wasn't worth even the paltry 14 US dollars I paid for it.

Windows · by Trixter (8962) · 1999

Pitbull Syndicate makes another Horrible Test Drive!

The Good
It helped me kill 17 minutes of useless time, loading screens are pretty cool. Two days after I purchased it, I sold it for 75 cents (no lie) to a friend, and purchased some candy, I kind of feel bad about ripping my friend off.

The Bad
This is a joke, this game is so terrible. The soundtrack music is lame and does not sound good, and it sounds like they hired so fat guy off the street to make there sound effects for this game. The car graphics are so bad, does anyone even now if they are cars?, thats how bad it is.The handling of the cars on this game are so bad, its like the makers want you to get mad at playing this, because the opponents beat you so badly.

The Bottom Line
I would stay clear of it, its a boring time Killer. The only Test Drive game worth getting is Test Drive: Off-Road: Wide Open. If you want a good sports car racer get a Need for speed title, or just about anything except Test Drive 5 unless your rich and need to buy something.

PlayStation · by TigerFury007 (1028) · 2006

A fun racing game for windows or playstation, race with a new sports car or an old muscle car.

The Good
The graphics are good, and the controls are easy. I ran the game at 1024x768 and the graphics were very fluid. LARGE selection of cars, though you have to unlock the best ones.

The Bad
The computer cars always seem to get the advantage, for example if you're drag racing in a '67 corvette (the fastest originally available car), and the computer is racing a Nissan Skyline (one of the slowest), the computer's car will shoot ahead and finish before you've gone 50 feet.

The Bottom Line
A fun game where you pick a car and a color, and race!

Windows · by Jon Buder (8) · 2001


Bug: The addition of environment mapping is a nice touch, but it shows up on the interior of the Aston Martin--even the driver! I never knew drivers were so shiny...

The game, even the final released "CD-ROM Classics" version, has many bugs. The game does not exit, for one... you need to alt-tab away from it, then kill it.

The game soundtrack features singles from Fear Factory, Gravity Kills, Junkie XL, KMFDM, and Pitchshifter.


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