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Mega Man X, the reploid leader of the 17th unit Maverick Hunters, and his best friend Zero have to stop a reploid rebellion. Each of them gets involved in a different way and you can play as either character through the parallel stories.


  • ロックマンX4 - Japanese spelling
  • 洛克人X4 - Chinese spelling (simplified)

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Average score: 74% (based on 20 ratings)


Average score: 3.7 out of 5 (based on 50 ratings with 2 reviews)

X and Zero head to defeat the Reploids, only to find that it was all a trap planned by Sigma...

The Good
The music was fantastic!

Most importantly, the story line was touching as well as mysterious. Why did the Reploids rebel against the humans? It was all Sigma's dirty plan...

The Bad
The game is too short, and rather easy to win.

The Bottom Line
Know the story, and know the way to win. You will enjoy it and never get tired of the musics...

Windows · by Duan Xuan (69) · 2001

X and Zero return for a fourth bout with Sigma, and now PC players can get in on the action!

The Good
Remember one thing: all this is coming from a HUGE Mega Man/Mega Man X fan, and most of the info is based on the PSX and Saturn versions, so please follow along.

First off, this game is a very big leap above Mega Man X3, in terms of gameplay and cosmetic changes, but one of the biggest greats is the fact that you can finally play the game in full with Zero! Yes, X's friend is a playable character, complete with his own arsenal and story line! This is one of the coolest things in this game, but not the only thing...

As for the gameplay itself: if you've played the previous X games, then you'll know what's going on here: X still has his X-Buster, so he shoots stuff. Simple. Playing as X is simply the same as the other games, but Zero is a totally different experience. Zero has lost his X-Buster in this game, so now he fights exclusively with his Beam Sabre. Also, since Zero no longer has the range X has, his game is a little more difficult, since he has to get close to enemies to kill them. However, if you're tired of the same old gameplay with X, give Zero a whirl. Continuing with gameplay, the game in itself is not too tough or too easy, instead balanced just right. The Maverick bosses aren't too hard to beat (provided you have the right weapons), but the later bosses do get pretty hard (especially Double and Sigma; play the game and see). The game is structured pretty much in the same way as the others: selectable stages, the effectiveness of the weapons on certain bosses, and X's ability to upgrade his armor with enhancement provided by the trusty Dr. Light's Weapon Capsules. Zero doesn't gain new weapons like X does; instead he learns new sword techniques and other special moves (including the super useful Double Jump). Controls are easy to use and remember: you have a fire button, a jump button, and a dash button, as well as weapon select buttons and two technique buttons. (Note: I recommend a six-button pad like the Sidewinder for this game; I use one and have the controls set exactly like the Saturn version, giving me perfect control.) Also, there's no annoying momentum which I SPITE in many 3D games; you move and stop on a dime here.

Moving on to cosmetics...the game's graphics are excellent! The characters are very well animated and move extremely fluidly (I guess those hefty system requirements really did make a difference, eh?), and there's not ONE HINT of slowdown ANYWHERE!! The sprites for the characters are nice and big and have a really nice amount of detail to them, making the game almost look like a big interactive anime. Sounds are equally well done, with plenty of "BANG!" and "BOOM!" and lots of cool anime-ish robotic sounds. I especially like the little touches, like X and Zero landing from a jump with a "ka-clink" sound, and others like Zero's Beam Sabre letting out a loud "FWOOSH!!" when swung.

In terms of music...oh man, whoever wrote the music must be praised! Every single piece is perfectly set to each stage and each situation, and all of it sounds very much like music for a space anime or even if there was a Mega Man X anime series. It's very futuristic sounding and fast paced, and I especially enjoy the songs from the opening anime and ending credits from the Japanese version (both were performed by Yukie Nakama, for those into Japanese singers).

Scattered in the game are various anime cutscenes, which are well done and nicely animated. They're mostly there for story purposes, but seeing these makes me wish a full anime series of Mega Man X had been designed. The voices in them aren't the greatest quality (what's with X being voiced by a girl??), but they're decent enough and better than those from Mega Man 8 (which REALLY needed new actors). My personal favorite voices: Zero, Iris, Colonel, and Sigma.

The Bad
Not a lot, but still, I DID have some niggles about this game.

First, as mentioned above, the voices really should've been done better. X didn't deserve a girl's voice, and a couple of the characters have misleading voices (check out the General for an example).

Also, the game's story seems to have suffered a bad mistranslation in a lot of parts. From what I hear, the Japanese version's story actually does make sense, as opposed to the English version, which is full of plot holes and inconsistencies. Capcom should've redone the translation of this version (at LEAST) rather than just apply the same translation as the console versions. That's just a sign of laziness.

Lastly, and this is my biggest problem: the PC version was completely passed over by the public. Why? Because this was released in 1998 for the PC in the U.S., and at that time, a full 2D game on the PC was instant death. The game was bashed by a lot of magazines (I think Computer Gaming World was the biggest offender here), and as such it's VERY hard to find in shops, and even Capcom doesn't sell it anymore, I think. A crying shame, because the game should've gotten a second chance.

The Bottom Line
In short, if any of you readers find this game in the discount bin of your local EB or Software Etc. (or wherever), and don't own a PSX or Saturn, GRAB THE GAME RIGHT AWAY!!! It's overall very well done, and a worthy sequel to Mega Man X3. I wholeheartedly recommend this game to both fans of the Mega Man and X series, and PC owners who are sick and tired of 10 million C&C clones and 5 squillion Quake wanna-bes. Also, it's quite refreshing for those who have never played a Japanese game in their lives to try one out. This game truly deserves one more chance...

Windows · by Satoshi Kunsai (2020) · 2001


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These are the original Japanese names for the bosses:

Magmard (Magma in the USA) Dragoon, Frost Kibatodos (Walrus), Jet Stingren (Stingray), Slash Beastleo (Beast), Web Spidus (Spider), Cyber Kujacker (Peacock), and Storm Fukuroul (Owl).


  • In Frost Walrus's stage, if you look carefully in the background of the first part of the stage, you can see Blizzard Buffalo (from Mega Man X3) at the beginning of the stage, and then later Chill Penguin (from Mega Man X) in the mini-boss's room.
  • The battle with General (as either character) is a little homage to the final boss battle in Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts. The battles even play similarly (both bosses' weak spots are their heads, and you have to use platforms to reach said weak spots).
  • Magma Dragoon's attacks are an obvious play on the Shotokan techniques used by Ryu, Ken, and Akuma from the Street Fighter series. He's even wearing Akuma's beads (look carefully around his neck).

Version differences

  • The intro and ending songs in the Japanese version were both performed by J-Pop singer Yukie Nakama. In the U.S. and European versions they were replaced by instrumental tunes.
  • The PC version of this game has the battle themes for the three phases of the Sigma battle reversed from the console versions (the "heavy metal" version plays on the first two phases, and the evil one for the Ugly Head Sigma phase in the PC version).


  • Electronic Gaming Monthly
    • November 1997 (Issue 100) - ranked #78 (Best 100 Games of All Time) (PSX/Saturn versions)
    • March 1998 (Issue 104) - Side-Scrolling Game of the Year Runner-Up (PSX/Saturn versions)
    • March 1998 (Issue 104) - Side-Scrolling Game of the Year Runner-Up (Readers' Choice) (PSX/Saturn versions)

Information also contributed by Satoshi Kunsai.


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