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Years after the Reploid Wars, all seems peaceful in the world. But peace was not meant to last forever. When the "Eurasia" space colony is attacked by an unknown virus, the call goes out! X and Zero are called back into action to help destroy the colony, which is now on a collision course with Earth, and is expected to collide into the planet in only 16 hours! At the same time, Sigma, the archenemy of the Maverick Hunters, shows up again...

Mega Man X5 retains the gameplay style of the previous games, adding new features such as advanced Maverick AI, bigger and more challenging stages, and new gameplay elements: ducking and swinging on vines and ropes.


  • ロックマンX5 - Japanese spelling
  • 洛克人X5 - Chinese spelling (simplified)
  • 洛克人X5 - Chinese spelling (traditional)

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What the hell happened here!!??

The Good
I don't get this...Mega Man X4 was brilliant, to me it was the best of the Mega Man X series. Like Mega Man 8, X4 was the first X game to make the jump from 16-bit to 32-bit, and both games showed exactly how the new technology can enhance the game and its story. At the same time, I think it kind of spoiled my vision of Mega Man X5. Here I am, thinking Mega Man X5 would probably kick the crap out of X4 in terms of storyline (the Japanese storyline, anyway), size, gameplay...EVERYTHING, much in the same way X4 strutted its stuff against the older 16-bit X games. So what happened? 3 years in between X4 and X5 and it doesn't turn out the way I expected. But before I go on, let me make one thing clear: I don't HATE Mega Man X5, but I am upset about it. Read on.

Ok, first off, there are a couple of little gameplay changes in X5. As with Mega Man X3 and X4, Zero is a playable character once again. However, Capcom took it a step further in X5: now you can begin the game as one character, and then switch characters before entering a stage if you wish. This is already a great concept, because if you play a stage as, say, X, and find the stage far too hard, you can just go back to the Stage Select and try it as Zero. You can even freely switch X's armor as well! If you start the game as X, you'll have his Fourth Armor from X4 available for use, and during the course of the game, you can gather parts for the Falcon Armor and Gaea Armor from good old Dr. Light (yep, he's STILLLLLLL going!); even Zero can get parts for X! Each Armor has properties another one doesn't, and is useful in many a situation. For instance, the Falcon Armor is lightweight, which allows X to dash faster and farther, as well as fly, but its defense is weak. The Gaea Armor is strong and thick, which gives X a higher defense, even allowing him to walk on spikes, but it also slows him down and doesn't allow him to charge Maverick Weapons. Zero plays pretty much the same as he did in X4, with one exception: start the game with him and you gain use of his Z-Buster, which will allow Zero at least SOME form of ranged combat. However, he can't use his Z-Buster whatsoever if you start the game as X.

Also adding to the gameplay: both X and Zero can FINALLY duck! Believe me, this is going to become very essential in the game, as you can duck low flying missiles and attack enemies that lie close to the ground! Also new is the ability to grab onto ropes and vines and swing on them! Quite useful indeed, especially on Spiked Rosered's stage. Also new is the Virus Meter. In X5, both X and Zero are threatened with infection by the Sigma Virus, which appears in the stages as a floating, ghostly Sigma head (oddly colored pink). If the Sigma head touches X or Zero, they'll become infected by the virus. If they get far too infected, the indicator will show "Virus", and the character becomes infected in a certain way: X starts to lose health, similar to a poison, while Zero becomes invincible and VERY powerful. Don't worry; both wear off after a bit. Finally, you also have a "navigator" Reploid named Alia in this game. Her function is to provide quick hints during the course of stages of upcoming dangers and threats, but unfortunately you can't shut her out; she gives you the hints whether you want them or not.

Moving on to cosmetics: most of the graphics are the same as those in X4. Both X and Zero look pretty much the same as they did in X4, with a couple of little extra touches. X's new Armors look pretty cool, everyone looks very well drawn during cutscenes. Most of the new stages look great, but a few look a bit too flat. Sounds are pretty much the same as in X4, but a few of the new sounds don't seem to pack the punch that X4's did. The music, on the other hand....WOW!!! The music is probably one of the best parts of the game! From the Japanese intro theme, "Monkey", to Shining Firefly's stage; from Spiral Pegasus to the boss themes, X5's music will NOT disappoint. This is probably the BEST Mega Man/Mega Man X music yet!

The Bad
Alas, the game is far from perfect.

First off, the difficulty is very unbalanced. Some stages and Mavericks are cake to defeat, but there are some that INSANELY hard...I mean, REALLY FREAKIN' INSANELY HARD!!! While it's nice to finally have a Difficulty Select, be warned: the Xtreme difficulty level is exactly that: EXTREMELY HARD!!

This one's a major disappointment for me: Mega Man X4 showed you just how the CD will enhance the game, with its anime cutscenes, voiceovers, massive stages, awesome music, and more. X5 is just this: the game on a CD. There are no anime cutscenes, no voices, and not much else. Sure, there's the music and big stages, but it's not enough! After seeing what X4 did with the CD format, X5 is a HUGE disappointment in this field.

Finally, here's the one thing I REALLY hated: Capcom U.S.A. renamed all the Mavericks after the band Guns 'N Roses! AAAAARGH!! It doesn't help that I HATE Guns 'N Roses, but to have to see the X5 Mavericks NAMED after them!? Jeez!! If you want my opinion: I don't know no Duff McWhalen, Izzy Glow, Axel the Red, Mattrex, Grizzly Slash, The Skivver, Dark Dizzy, or Squid Adler. So there!

The Bottom Line
In short, I didn't hate X5, but I was upset by it. It's an excellent X game in its own right, but as a continuation to the X series story, it truly disappoints. I recommend grabbing it if you wish, but don't have high expectations when you play it. It'll just hurt your feelings for it more.

PlayStation · by Satoshi Kunsai (2020) · 2002



The stage theme for Tidal Whale is a remix of Bubble Crab's stage theme from Mega Man X2.


  • Capcom U.S.A. renamed the Mavericks in Mega Man X5 and named them after the musicians in the band Guns 'N Roses. Here are the American names of the Mavericks (proper names in parentheses): Grizzly Slash (Crescent Grizzly), Squid Adler (Bolt Kraken), Izzy Glow (Shining Firefly), Duff McWhalen (Tidal Whale), The Skivver (Spiral Pegasus), Axel the Red (Spiked Rosered), Dark Dizzy (Dark Necrobat), and Mattrex (Burn Dinorex)..
  • X's Gaea Armor comes with a rather amusing Giga Attack: X copies Chun-Li's Street Fighter Zero Super Combo, Kikoushou, as his Giga Attack.

Version differences

As with Mega Man 8 and Mega Man X4, the opening and ending song were changed from the Japanese version of the game. The opening theme in the Japanese version was a song called "Don't Make A Monkey Out of Me", which was performed by Japanese punk band Mosquito-Milk. The opening theme in the American version is simply the same music as played on the title screen.


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