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African Raiders-01

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Amiga Computing (79 out of 100)

African Raiders is not a difficult game, but it is best played by two - one to steer, one to navigate and shout instructions. Playing on your own you will have to pause frequently to consult the map. Unless you stick to the track. In which case you will miss seeing the camels and oil rigs and skeletons and wrecked cars. Instead you will have to deal with tight bends and oil drums and wandering nomads who get very annoyed when you run them over. Either way, it is a lot of fun.

Sep 1989 · Amiga · read review

ASM (Aktueller Software Markt) (8.2 out of 12)

Besonders TOMAHAWKS PC-, aber auch das AMIGA-,,Paris-DakarÔÇť kann den Erwartungen der User nicht so recht standhalten. AFRICAN RAIDERS bietet freilich auf allen Systemen das gleiche Erscheinungsbild, leider jedoch, und das f├Ąllt am deutlichsten bei der PC-Version ins Gewicht, nur die ├Ąu├čere Form dessen. W├Ąhrend man auf den ST klare Konturen und eindrucksvolle Landschaltsz├╝ge vorfindet, verschwimmt solches schon ein wenig auf dem Amiga, unterst├╝tzt durch ein nicht unerhebliches Ruckeln. Dennoch mu├č man dieser Fassung zugutehalten, da├č zumindest der nette Sound und die der sonnigen, sandig-staubigen Gegend angemessenen Farben beibehalten wurden.

May 1989 · Amiga · read review

Amiga Format (68 out of 100)

The perspective used is good, the game overall is very fast and it boasts good gameplay: but it is not the most exciting of race games and offers little new apart from the map-reading aspect and a couple of new hazards. Still, it is well worth a look.

Aug 1989 · Amiga · read review

The Games Machine (UK) (53 out of 100)

The manual suggests that a friend should keep an eye on the map and the heading, acting as a navigator, but knowing where you're going doesn't help the cliched racing. If you've a sand fetish by all means take a look, but others are most likely to find it mildly more interesting than counting grains of the stuff.

Aug 1989 · Amiga · read review

Commodore User (51 out of 100)

African Raiders has nice graphics, average sound effects and dispenses with all those fiddly bits other games are obsessed with. Sadly, repeats of Howard's Way are more interesting.

Aug 1989 · Amiga · read review

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