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Psychosomnium is an experiment in illogical puzzles or dream world logic. You'll play the game trying to figure out how to reach an obscure goal. You'll have to do many strange things to reach this goal, like going in directions you wouldn't expect to be able or even putting yourself in unreasonable, and perhaps deadly, peril.

The game is short, consisting of about 20 screens, but given the unusual nature of the puzzles it may take some time to do.

The controls consist of the arrow keys for movement and the z key for interactions.


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Average score: 3.7 out of 5 (based on 7 ratings with 1 reviews)

A weird and sweet little dream I had...

The Good
I had this beautiful and weird dream... I fell from a pipe into a weird pastel-colored place. I remember being naked and walking over platforms made of red bricks, similar to those we see in fireplaces. In front of me I saw a butterfly flapping its wings, and it suddenly started talking to me. It called me Jimmt, and said that was my dream. It also said that I shoudln't bother about it, and so I did and kept walking...

I saw some holes in the floor and I tried to jump them. As I fell, I exploded in a beautiful blobby effect. The weird thing is that I kept watching myself, and soon I was back falling through that weird pipe. There was the butterfly again, saying the same things. I realized I had to do the same thing again, but this time I passed unharmed.

The next thing I remember was talking to this stranger. He knew my name and said he was expecting me. He said I had to join him, but there was a wall between us, and there were huge spikes on that wall. I told him I couldn't join him, but he said that it was my dream and I could. I tried to jump, and once again I vanished in red bubbles. But strangely, this time, I was still there. Now I was the stranger, and my name was Tom. And I started walking again, just to find myself beholding a huge hole, which I couldn't jump over. I just didn't know what else to do, and I hesitated a little, until I quit and turned around, walking back the way I came. But suddenly, I was already on the other side of the hole! I didn't understand what was happening there, but I was really excited about the whole experience!

I kept walking and eventually talked to a girl named Shirley. She was an ugly girl, with three feet. Come to think of it, everybody in that place was pretty weird, but they also looked cute. She asked me about Jimmt, and I told her he was dead. She seemed a bit desperate about it, and I told her I would try to solve the situation myself. It was weird, because I really didn't know what I was talking about. The words just came out of my mouth as I spoke, but I was nonetheless amazed.

I kept going, avoiding dangers throughout my way. All the while, there was this sweet and calm music playing. It had the same feeling as the colors of that place, and was as beautiful as it was. The whole dream made me feel some kind of nostalgia...

Not far from there, I found another person. A big guy who seemed very strong, with huge arms and small legs. He knew me and also asked about Jimmt and even told me he could help me, but he was afraid of the spikes, which were all over the place. It seemed to me I had to carry on without him, and so I did. And right after I was in front of three bunnies who told me I couldn't pass unless I gave them a carrot. But it was strange, I didn't even know what a carrot was! I asked them where to find them, and they told me there was no carrot there. I eventually managed to pass by jumping and running below them while they still were in the air, but to no effect... there was a huge wall which I could never jump over.

By means I can't remember well, I then was that big guy, Mitch. As Mitch I was strong, so I just got rid of those bunnies. From there, I ended up talking to a bee named McBee. I couldn't pass through a wall, so I told McBee to find the Magician. Once again, I didn't know what I was talking about, but that didn't matter anymore, as I was McBee then. And I flew through dangerous places full of spikes all around, and I remember how difficult it was to fly and avoid touching them, 'cause I knew that if I did, I would die. And even if I avoided at all costs getting killed by those spikes, a gunman suddenly killed me, afraid as he was, 'cause I was allergic to bees. Yes, that's right, I was allergic, because I was the gunman from that point on...

As the gunman I ventured inside a castle, the Magician's castle, trying to find and kill him. And I didn't know I would soon wake up, intrigued as I was with what was happening to me that night. And soon something really odd happened, and I woke up.

The Bad
Ah, I regret so much waking up! I find it really unfortunate that this dream lasted so little! I guess this was the only thing I didn't like about it.

The Bottom Line
It was a beautiful and pleasant dream. I'll remember the colors and the music for some time now, and all the sense of challenge that dream brought to me. Too bad it was short, I wish I could dream more dreams like this.

Windows · by chirinea (47516) · 2008


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